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Charley Moore of Rocket Lawyer on Why Small Business Owners Need Good Counsel

Charley Moore of Rocket Lawyer on Why Small Business Owners Need Good Legal Counsel

Small business owners have enough to worry about these days. Then someone mentions all the potential ways a legal snafu may arise (e.g. intellectual property disputes, HR-related grievances, online privacy violations, incomplete employee contracts, etc.), and those worries become unbearable.

The logical solution here would be to lawyer up. However, legal counsel does not come cheap, and it does not come without its own set of time-consuming considerations.

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That brings me to the following question: On the off-chance that a legal matter should arise, should small business owners pay for yet another costly service… just in case? Charley Moore, the CEO and Founder of Rocket Lawyer, and I recently discussed why legal counsel is a necessity for the small business owner, but why it does not need to be an expensive or complicated affair.

Why Small Business Owners Cannot Afford to Live Without Legal Counsel

“What people tend to underestimate sometimes is how valuable great legal advice can be. In some cases, it can be the difference between life and death for business.”

Considering all of the headlines we see about the messy state of legal affairs for large corporations and public figures, it is shocking to think that any small business owner would eschew legal counsel in today’s day and age. Part of the problem likely stems from the fact that many entrepreneurs do not think “that” could happen to them, especially when first starting out. The other problem, of course, is the high cost associated with legal counsel.

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As Moore explained, it is essential for small business owners to have direct access to an attorney. As an owner, as an employer, as an authority figure, all of these positions make us vulnerable, and that is why we cannot afford to overlook the power of having legal counsel at our disposal.

Unlike the high retainer fees many business owners have to shell out for a lawyer, though, Rocket Lawyer approaches this differently, and in a more affordable and accessible manner. As an online legal service, Rocket Lawyer simplifies this, helping small business owners take charge of their legal affairs in all respects, from creating contracts, incorporating their business, and getting legal advice from a network of attorneys in the U.S. as well as across Europe.

To hear more about Rocket Lawyer’s service, check out my interview with Charley Moore here:

Why Small Business Owners Cannot Afford to Live Without Good Counsel

In addition to offering “affordable and simple legal services online for everybody,” Moore is on a mission to help small business owners bulletproof their business. His advice? Keep good counsel. (And he is not just talking the legal kind.)

Something I hear from many of my guests, Moore included, is that small business growth cannot be achieved alone. Whether you are first starting out or you are a few years in, you have got to surround yourself with the people and information that will help you grow. This means employees, business partners, advisors; whoever your contacts are, be sure to keep those who provide you with good counsel close. They are the key to your company’s long-term success.

Another bit of advice Moore shared with me is to stay positive.

“I do not agonize over the shots I missed.”
Ramon Ray and Charley Moore

Moreover, it is this idea that there’s always going to be a shot you will make (if you keep trying) that Moore attributes to his company’s success, especially as they seek to break into the European market.

“You are going to make mistakes, and you want to be in a position in your business where you can learn to live with failure.”
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Failure in securing a new client is one thing, but a failure because of an easily avoidable legal matter is another. I would advise all my readers to keep this in mind today and well into the future. If you truly want to make a difference in your customers’ lives, if you want to keep your company and your employees safe, do your due diligence and get access to the legal advice that will make the difference.

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