Why Executive Time is Essential for Entrepreneurs. Do You Spend Enough Time Learning and Thinking?

As I was on the treadmill this morning, I watched the "news" clip from CNN about the time President Trump has on his schedule as executive time. CBS News reports on it here.

Setting aside the politics of this, it got me thinking about "executive time".

How much time do YOU spending, thinking, reading, learning?

As business owners we can spend so much time in meetings, on the phone and working IN our business that we forget to take the time to spend working ON our business.

It's so important to have a TEAM who can help you executive on your business management and growth needs. This is critical.

It's essential, FIRST, that you have a clear VISION in place for how you want your business to grow and understanding what are the key things that YOU can do in your business that NO one else can do.

For my own business, I've started four of them, I do my best to sometimes just "sit" and think. No phone.

Invariably I will get  some paper and write a short note or send myself a quick email of remembrance.

Performance and productivity and essential for scaling your business.

You cannot scale your time but you can learn to say NO more often which will leave time for you to get other things, more important things done.

The Washington post wrote a story on some things CEOs do to better maximize their time.

A few things I do:

  1. Wake up early. For me, I'm most productive in the early morning.
  2. Exercise and health. I want to be sure my body is as fit as possible.
  3. Shorter meetings. Instead of 60 minutes my default meeting times are set to 60 minutes
  4. I'm often asked to meet in person to "chat". I chat less and instead off 10 - 15 minute phone calls, especially with people I don't know or I'm not sure what their needs are
  5. Ensure my email in-box is managed. I filter lots of email, delegate others and I control my inbox I don't let it control me

It's also important to READ and be a smarter executive. Also attend events, Inc 500, Grant Cardone's 10X Conference and the Smart Hustle Small Business Conference.

These are a few things I do.

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