What Business People Should Be Asking for From Santa This Year

What Business People Should be Asking for From Santa This Year










If you’re anything like me, this year has been a wild ride. More than ever, I find I’m constantly fighting off distractions so I can work on that small, but mighty, list of what moves the needle and makes an impact.

In fact, it’s easy to blow through a whole day and to think I was busy AND I got nothing done. Capisce?

So, for this Christmas I thought I would ask for more clarity and focus in the New Year. After all, doesn’t Santa deliver everything we ask for?

This is what I’m asking Santa to put under my Christmas tree (feel free to borrow for your own list):

Dear Santa, this is what I want for Christmas (I’ve been a good boy):

  • Clarity to work toward my goals.
  • Commitment to connect with people (even if I’m afraid).
  • Patience to get better at my craft.
  • The habit of exercising every day.
  • Willingness to get up early.
  • A practice of daily gratitude.
  • Freedom to laugh at myself.
  • The belief I’m worthy.
  • Faith in a loving world.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous New Year.

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