TOP 3 Lessons to Success in Business with Marshall Mosher

As entrepreneurs, many times when we start businesses we get so caught up in our perfect idea of what the business will look like that sometimes we lose focus on our bigger vision of ‘why’. Speaking with Marshall, founder of Vestigo an outdoor team building platform, we go through the importance of failing fast, the power in pivoting and the importance of having mentors along the ‘Journey’.


When Marshall started Vestigo, he envisioned an outdoor experience platform connecting experience goers with trained guides. After months of building out the platform and creating a community, Marshall realized that his idea of a business to consumer tech platform may not be the most profitable model. After many conversations with mentors and testing out other revenue streams, Marshall realized that failing fast was the best thing that could have happened for his business. Even though his target customer looked different, Marshall was able to stay true to his greater vision, of allowing people to enjoy outdoor experiences, while pivoting to success.


In our conversation, we talk about:

  • One of the biggest reasons why businesses fail or don’t is because of persistence.
  • Leverage your network, be transparent in what you are working on and what you may need their help with.
  • Always start with why, don’t get caught up in your ‘how’ but your overall purpose.
  • If you’re not absolutely terrified and embarrassed by the first iteration of your product then you started too late.
  • Three keys to succeeding in business: Fail Fast, Pivot, Get Mentors  


I’m so glad Marshall shared his story because I can completely relate in my business. I have been through failing, pivoting and receiving the advice of mentors in my business to get to where I am now. I am still learning and many days I think I don’t know much at all but the goal is to constantly be growing and evolving. And as always know that you are not alone in the ‘Journey’.




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