4 Tech Solutions That Help You Run Your Business Your Way

4 Tech Solutions That Help You Run Your Business Your Way

More businesses and entrepreneurs are beginning to see the advantage of adopting various technologies to help take care of tasks that they used to spend a lot of time and resources managing. While we are accelerating the rate at which we adopt software, there are those who still worry that we might not be concentrating enough of our attention on ensuring that our fates are in good hands. Technology is both a tool of empowerment and one of complacency. One can either choose to use technology that helps control one’s fate, or choose a piece of software that offers more convenience while sacrificing flexibility. Good software makes a compromise between both and helps you advance instead of slowly sinking you. Here are four software solutions that can help you develop meaningful returns and improve various aspects of how your business operates.

Businessfriend: The Collaboration Platform To End All Collaboration Platforms

There are tons of different applications on the web, working on both mobile and desktop platforms, for collaborating on projects and organizing team efforts. The innovation in this area, however, has been largely compartmentalized to cover specific facets of communication. Until now, you would have needed a multitude of apps to accomplish all of the things you would to bring together a team effort. Businessfriend has said “Ha!” to all of that and placed several different communications platforms into one single unified infrastructure.

File sharing, video communication, instant messaging, and social networking are all unified under the businessfriend ecosystem. Best of all, you can also connect with people outside your circle in the global landscape by using the social networking feature. This is the kind of application you need when you find yourself overwhelmed at the amount of tools you’re using to accomplish a task.

 Bitrix24: The CRM That Cares For You From Cradle To Grave

Think of the words “customer relationship management” for a second. Many solutions for small and medium-sized businesses do not necessarily embody these words in the way we’d expect them to. They either have inexperienced planners, hurry the development at the final stage, or mistakenly Bitrixomit features that leave you with a glare in your eye. Bitrix24 does a good job of piling everything you need to interact with your customers and team into one platform.

It may take a bit of a learning curve to get used to, but the system includes many features every professional needs to get started with organizing client relationships, from invoicing to customer lifecycle management. If you ever plan to develop an alternative means of managing the data entering Bitrix24, its REST API allows for the creation of proper backend interaction.

 GetResponse: The Email Marketing Platform On Cruise Control

There’s not a whole lot of thought that goes into the process of choosing a proper email marketing platform. For this very reason, most people automatically choose whatever everyone else is using and may end up with something that doesn’t necessarily exploit the full range of possibilities that email itself presents.

GetResponse stands out for a number of reasons, one of them being the fact that it lets you rapidly design your next newsletter based on a series of templates that really play well into the psychology of the notoriously fickle customer. In addition to a sophisticated autoresponder and a highly-intelligent analytics platform, you also get previews of your emails on various different client-side platforms, making sure that the emails you send display correctly on the recipient’s device. With such unparalleled control over your campaign, you can market yourself like a ninja with very little effort.

PerfectCloud: The Security Suite That Locks Your Data Away From Itself

What’s better than putting your credentials and data in the hands of a trusted provider? The answer is “relying on a trusted provider that doesn’t force you to trust it.” You’ve probably heard of the major data breaches that have happened in previous years, but what you probably didn’t gather from these breaches is that smaller players are also affected by hackers in numbers that will frighten you. Security should be the number one priority if you provide services to customers who have sensitive information to share with you.

PerfectCloud is actually a two-pronged solution. Its primary offer is an identity and access management (IAM) solution called SmartSignin, which allows you to store and use your credentials to various web applications, logging you into them securely from one single click. The second offer is an encryption solution that lets you run its special encryption algorithm on your data before you put it up on a cloud storage provider, giving you an added layer of encryption in case the provider suffers a breach (something that has happened in the past all too often).

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Both of these solutions use a unique approach to encryption, giving you control over the key that locks up your data instead of storing it on-site. This works because it makes your account unhackable in every conceivable conventional form outside of you actually telling the hackers what your encryption key is. Without access to the key, PerfectCloud also has no internal access to your data.

All of these software solutions distinguish themselves from other major players in the market, offering their own flavors and unique approaches that break the norms within their respective segments. Most importantly, they give you a way to control your fate with special perks such as higher visibility, more fluid collaboration, an astoundingly-heightened level of security, and an outstanding amount of flexibility. This puts you in a unique position where you do not have to adjust your modus operandi to fit what you’re adopting. It’s the other way around… as it should be.

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