Switching Up the Business Routine and Challenging Your Business to Grow

Smart Hustle Magazine exists as a reminder that although the entrepreneurial journey may seem long and lonely, you actually have a lot of people walking right beside you. In fact, there are 5.73 million employer firms in America, and most business owners look more like YOU than they do Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson. 89.6 percent of small businesses are made up of less than 20 workers, and they are run by hard-working Americans like you; people who are passionate about their product or service and looking to define success on their own terms.

This lesson certainly hit home in my recent interview with Dana Timmons of Noah’s Arc Pet Care. In that interview, Dana shared the story of her business, a story that may look and sound a lot like yours. She reminds us that we are a community of hustling business owners and we can rely on each other for inspiration and advice.

“I’m on this journey with you guys. I’m encouraged by your stories as well, so let’s continue to encourage each other.”

Want to hear Dana’s story? Click Play on the interview below.

12 Years and Going Strong

Dana always had a passion for animals, but after enrolling in vet school and understanding how emotionally hard it is to tell patients bad news, she realized that becoming a vet was not her destined path. After working for the ASPCA in the area of adoptions, she started her pet care business in 2004, offering services like dog walking, boarding, and in-home pet care.

In the interview, Dana told us about her entrepreneurial journey, including:

  • How having an entrepreneurial parent helped her understand the realities of entrepreneurship.
  • How she established a steady business full of loyal customers.
  • How she handles several core areas of business, including finance, marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Perhaps the most inspiring part of the interview comes when Dana tells us about how she has been trying to challenge herself throughout the last few years. Like many business owners, Dana had been working extremely hard but also fell into somewhat of a business routine. This changed a few years back when she realized she could push herself to get the version of entrepreneurship she had always dreamed of…to not just have a successful business that pays the bills, but to build a business that would afford her even greater lifestyle perks.

Prompted by this thought, Dana began challenging herself to look at things differently and to step out of her comfort zone. As a result, after 12 years of relying on word-of-mouth marketing, Noah’s Arc Pet Care now has a website in the works. The excitement of new possibilities has invigorated Dana and recharged her original vision for the business.

Even better, Dana says that you too can challenge yourself to make positive changes in your business and reach new areas of growth.

“You have to really look at yourself and say, ‘You know what? This is what my vision has been, and this is what I haven’t been doing, or this is what I can do better,’ because you deserve it.”

I won’t give away any other spoilers. For motivation and a sense of comradery, I encourage you to listen to Dana’s full interview above.

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