Three Secrets To Successfully Marketing Live Events

Hosting a live event is one of the best ways to connect with your community at a heart level and also position yourself as a leader in your field. Once you've built enough traction that your audience is craving in-person experiences with you, inviting them to attend a conference has a powerful draw.

But what if it's your first time hosting a live event and you're not quite sure how well received this idea might be? Perhaps you're risk averse when it comes to putting down a deposit for the venue, before knowing how many people you might expect.

I interviewed Carolin Soldo, creator of From Passion To Profits, to share her insights after having successfully marketed her own event and had 150+ attendees at her conference in Miami.

Here are the top three strategies Carolin recommends if you're considering hosting a live event:

1. Pre-Plan Your Content and Activities Prior to Marketing the Event

“Generating engagement with your community is critical. You need to publish top quality content and encourage your followers to engage (like/comment/share) your articles, videos, social media updates, etc. before you start pitching your event to them.”

This will help raise the level of trust they have with you and entice them to want to know more about you, your stories, and your methodologies.

Ideally, you want to orchestrate a situation where they feel like they can't get enough of you, and engaging them through creative content marketing strategies will help you with that.

2. Align Yourself With Speakers Who Have Similar Audiences

Collaborate with others in your field so that you can tap into the warm audiences of those who have a complementary offer to yours, but don't compete with your area of expertise.

“We’ve hosted a series of online masterclasses using this strategy. Each of my speakers hosted a webinar to their community where we gave valuable content and taught them specific actionable items throughout the session and then offered a bundle unlike anything they’ve seen before. It included a special price ticket to the event and discounted pricing on one of the online programs offered by the person hosting the webinar.”

This method also has built-in urgency, which helps with conversations, since the deal only can be offered prior to the event date. Those who procrastinate won't be able to get it later.

3. Leverage Facebook Advertising to Get People Interested

Creating a freebie or "ethical bribe" that is related to your event will help build a list of potential attendees quickly.

Carolin created a free downloadable guide that walks people through how to get the most out of a live event as an attendee - what are the benefits, how to network while there, how to position yourself as an expert, and more.

“We offered a guide that highlighted the benefits of attending live events and gave them actionable advice to implement our best strategies for connecting with influencers and creating authority positioning. Once they opted in to get the guide, we followed up with a nurturing automated email sequence, essentially encouraging our readers to take the leap and attend an event in person – and offered tickets to our conference in Miami.”

The results? 150+ attendees to a conference where the average ticket price is $497, lots of engagement, credibility, trust, and goodwill built with the community and more opportunities for future collaborations for both attendees and speakers alike.

If you're considering hosting an event of your own, I highly recommend you try Carolin’s strategies and focus on building goodwill with your community prior to selling any tickets to them. It'll pay off big time, I promise.

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