Social Entrepreneur Shel Horowitz on Why Businesses Need to Be More Than Green

In my most recent Smart Hustle interview, I had the opportunity to chat with the award-winning author, International Speaker, Consultant, and Ethical Marketing Expert Shel Horowitz. For more than a decade, Shel, also known as “The Transformpreneur,” has been showing business owners how to be more profitable by simply being more green and ethical.

A Mission to being Green and More

Both a marketer and an agent for transformational change, Shel’s mission is to help businesses understand that it’s no longer just enough being green, but that every business has a responsibility and can benefit by introducing products and services and marketing them effectively so that they address threats like hunger, poverty, war and climate change.

I know what you are thinking: “I am just one person with a small business -I cannot impose a big change.” Shel adamantly fights that statement with a strong and confident, “Yes you can!”

Shel Horowitz book - being greenThrough his websites, and, and his new book, Guerilla Marketing to Heal the World, he shares example after example of exactly how any business can make a difference. This includes looking at the key things you do in your business to reach your customers and prospects and discovering what you can alter to make a difference on big picture issues.

Shel also discusses the major difference between social entrepreneurship and being philanthropic or making charitable donations from a business. While the latter is great, being a social entrepreneur has more long-lasting benefits for both the business and the cause that it is focused on helping.

You can listen to the entire interview with Shel by clicking on the audio below.

If you are interested in learning about other great social businesses, check out our story on Entrepreneurs Who Do Well by Doing Good.

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