Shark Tank Contestant Julie Goldman Shares the Recipe for Marketing Success

Shark Tank Contestant Julie Goldman Shares the Recipe for Marketing Success

Millions of new products come to market each year, but the reality is that 95% of them will fail. What is the secret of that lucky 5%? According to Julie Goldman, the make or break element in the first year is branding. Julie recently elaborated on the topic of branding, along with strategies to grow your business, at Market NY, a small business marketing event sponsored by Infusionsoft.

Julie Goldman is the founder & CEO of The Original Runner Company, a company that makes customized non-slip fabric aisle runners for weddings and other events. She has been featured in major business publications and you also may remember her as a contestant on Shark Tank, where she didn’t get an offer but did get major publicity for her business and a reputation for being a strong, fierce businesswoman.

As Julie mentions in her presentation, her business got a big boost from her Shark Tank experience. Like other new businesses, she had to find a way to channel that momentum, refocus it on her brand, and grow brand awareness to achieve success. This all comes down to one major question – what exactly is branding?

When most people think of branding they think it means your logo, your product, your website, your name, what you look like and what you do. While these things do contribute to your brand’s message, Julie says branding is actually “the message that you’re trying to build in someone’s mind of the perception of your business.” To elaborate:

  • Branding is all about perception – what other people perceive and believe about your business.
  • It includes your reputation and the promise that you make to your customers of what they can consistently expect from your business.
  • Branding has to do with recall – what someone thinks when they hear your business name.
  • To create your brand you have to know who you are and what your customers think, perceive, and expect of you. And it has to be something you believe in, because you can’t sell something if you don’t believe in it too.
  • The point of branding is to build a strong brand awareness and solidify your image.
  • Brand awareness helps to create brand loyalty and keep customers coming back again and again.

In Julie’s presentation, she gives more details on the importance of perception in branding, with examples from her own company and other popular brands. For more details on how to us branding to grow your business, check out her presentation below.

How many great tips did you get from Julie's presentation? Let us know what tips you enjoyed most below in the comments or what your recipe for marketing success is!

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