How You Can Sell & Earn More as a Celebrity CEO

Celebrity CEO is a phrase used by Ramon Ray to discuss an ideal — the CEO we all want to be. But what is a Celebrity CEO exactly? Well, it’s definitely achievable, so don’t fret. Being a Celebrity CEO doesn’t mean you need to walk the red carpet or have MTV film an episode of Cribs in your home, but it does mean hitting certain milestones and maintaining standards. 

What is a Celebrity CEO?

This phrase refers to a business owner or CEO who is an expert in their area of business and is well-known within a local area. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, your brand is known because of you, and your name is easily recognizable. Nowadays, social media makes this even more possible. CEO and business owners can have their own personal following aside from their business. And that’s why branding is so important.

Corporate Brand vs. Personal Brand

It’s become more accepted over the years that just because a person owns a successful company does not mean they don’t have other interests and hobbies. A personal brand is developed when the face behind the business is well-known to the public. And that personal brand, while different from the business, should be inline with it, keeping the overall vibe and energy that’s already been created. For example, the CEO who owns a well-respected fitness center, might not want to have a personal brand associated with eating unhealthy food and living a sedentary lifestyle. It’s more common for small business owners, freelancers, and solo entrepreneurs to have a personal brand that is closely associated with their professional brand. 

A corporate brand is a bit different, as most consumers and followers of the brand a less concerned about the history and don’t feel as personally connected to it. 

How to Build a Personal Brand

Ramon details a few steps that help create a strong personal brand. Let’s break them down:

Get Smiles Over Sales

When it comes to branding a business, the conversation doesn’t just have to be focused on sales. As Ramon says, focus on getting smiles, which can create a larger and longer lasting impact and then solely pushing a conversation geared towards generating business. 

“Sometimes we make the mistake of asking for a sale first, it's often too soon. But if you have a fan base, who knows, likes, and trusts you, it's much easier to ask for the sale.” - Ramon Ray

Lots of Fans Over a Few Clients

We would never suggest turning away (good) business or not creating an action plan to help your business grow, but it’s important to focus on gaining fans — that’s how your name gets known and you start to create that ‘celebrity’ status. Your fans can certainly become paying customers, but first get them to like you.

With Fans Come the Referrals

If you build a fan base, you can then educate and nurture them to buy from you. By building a fan base (or a community), you're first giving value and earning credibility in the market. Credibility goes a long way in business, and then your sales plan ends up working more seamlessly over time vs. being forced.

Get the Full Scoop

Consumers have many options and choices, and with the click of a mouse a potential customer can spend money with your competitor. But, by building a fan base of trusted followers, your brand is growing in their minds. 

While larger companies can invest a lot of money in advertising to get attention and get the word out for their product or services, many small businesses don't have that luxury.

However, we all can invest the time to show good will, educate, build trust, and create a strong community. That’s when the sales will come.

Interested in learning more about being a Celebrity CEO? You can get the full scoop here by checking out Ramon’s book, watching this video discussion.

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