Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec on Deluxe's Small Business Revolution and What It Means to Hustle

I had a few moments to sit down with Robert Herjavec, founder of the Herjavec Group and investor on ABC's Shark Tank, to talk about the Small Business Revolution, a new program from Deluxe Corporation that is celebrating small business. Additionally, Robert shared with me how he views hustle, especially smart hustle, and why it's one of the most important elements they look for in an entrepreneur.

You can watch my full interview with Robert below:


Small Business Revolution

As part of Deluxe's 100 year anniversary, they are criss-crossing the United States to capture and share stories of small business owners who have been nominated by friends and neighbors and selected by their team of elite 'storytellers'. Each week a new story is posted on the website and you have the opportunity to read about each of these outstanding business owners, how they got started and what drives them to succeed.

Also as part of the revolution, Deluxe is asking readers to get involved by sharing pictures of their favorite small business owner, favorite employee or something fun from their favorite small business storefront. All the images are being shared on Instagram with the hashtag #smallbusinessrevolution and tagging @smallbusinessrevolution.


Robert Defines Hustle

As the publisher and founder of Smart Hustle Magazine, hustle is something that I embrace and hold dear to my heart. It's what I strive for and what we as a publication honor in the entrepreneurs we meet. But what's interesting about 'hustle' is how each person defines it. For some, it just means working hard. For others, like me, we believe that hustle alone won't help you find success, but that 'smart hustle' is what's needed to really excel forward.

I asked Robert to share what his definition of hustle is. "There are two types of hustle. My dad worked in a factory his whole life. Two shifts, twenty hours a day at times and never made any money. So hustle, without the 'smart' part, isn't going to get you rich. If you work hard it doesn't mean you'll get rich, but if you don't work hard for sure you'll be poor."

Robert lights up when he comes across an entrepreneur who is self made and demonstrates the ethics and gumption that it takes to succeed.

How do you define hustle? Let us know in the comments below.

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