Taking Big Risks? Be Ready For a Big Fail.

I've been listening a lot to Guy Raz's "How I Did It" on NPR and of course these stories also echo through the Smart Hustle community.

So many of thee best companies we know about and the millions of others we don't know about are led by risk takers.

You and I are risk takers yes?

This morning it got me thinking..to take big risks...you gotta prepare for failure.

Do you agree? Not agree?

We're all trying to "pivot" and change our businesses right?

I'm hosting a live 5 hour event, next week, it's SCARY. The Survive and Thrive Summit.

Maybe you're doing curbside service and you never did it before.

Maybe it's your first time using Zoom or etc.

These changes are scary, but we've gotta embrace them.

I'm curious, please DO SHARE your thoughts here, in Smart Hustle Nation.

What new risks are you taking these past few months? What risks do you anticipate making?

What's been your journey?


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