Refresh Your Business: 5 Office Items to Refresh This Spring

Spring is a season of renewal. You can see it happen outside your office window as the trees bud, the flowers bloom, and the birds chirp. So why can’t it happen INSIDE the office too? Today I want to encourage you to think about the ways you can renew and refresh your business this spring. A few key upgrades to your office equipment will boost your organization and productivity while staying within your small business budget.

5 Office Items to Refresh This Spring

Office Chair

Sitting in the office all day doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable or painful experience. Don’t you deserve a little comfort as you are working on those all-important business tasks? If you’re like many small business owners, you probably haven’t updated your chair in a while, so this spring is the time to do it.

My pick is the Staples Sonada Bonded Leather Manager’s Chair. With faux leather and chrome accents, it is stylish and will fit into any office. It also offers several comfort features including padding to take pressure off your shoulders and neck, an adjustable lumbar support, and adjustable seat height.

Writing Supplies

Check out your pen cup or top drawer. Do you see an assortment of random, cheap writing supplies that you’ve been hoarding for years? This spring, it’s time to refresh by purchasing some quality pens that make writing and signing documents a pleasurable experience.

Quality pens don’t have to cost a lot either. I’m a fan of the Staples OptiFlow Rollerball Pens. The fine-tipped roller ball feature gives you extra-smooth writing, and with the visible ink supply, you’ll always know how much ink you have left. You don’t have to break the bank either. These Staples Brand Product pens come in packs of a dozen and only costs  $9.99.


The printer is arguably the most underrated piece of equipment in your office. You probably don’t think about it much, but you depend on it every day. As a frequently-used piece of technology, it can also add onto your office expenses little by little, with each new ink cartridge or ream of paper that you buy.

This spring is a perfect time to refresh your office with a new printer, and I’m loving the new HP OfficeJet Pro series. I recently wrote about it, but to give you the recap, it delivers professional-quality color, costs up to 50 percent less than other laser printers, and even gives you the ability to print from your smartphone or tablet.


Many businesses are moving to paperless operations, where files and folders are housed online. This is easy to do with computer-created documents, but what about the important paper documents you receive – mailed invoices, legal documents, receipts and so on? One solution is to use a scanner so you can give these physical documents a digital home. This makes it easier to stay organized and efficient.

This spring, you can refresh your office with a new scanner. For example, the Brother ADS-1000W Scanner is compact and wireless so it will fit on your desk without adding the bulk of extra wires. It scans in color at a rate of up to 16 pages per minute, with the ability to scan single- or double-sided documents in a single pass.

Filing System

If you’ve followed the tip above, you can use a scanner to transfer all your physical documents into online files, which makes it easier to stay organized than having to shuffle through piles of paper. That said, you should always hang on to the physical copies of important documents, like contracts and bank records. In this case, you’ll need a good way to organize them.

When it comes to file storage, I like something simple like the Staples Brand Product File Box It has the capacity to hold both letter- and legal-sized files and has a snap-tight lid that keeps the contents secure.

Spring is a great time to refresh and renew your office. The items I’ve listed above often get neglected, but are important to running a successful small business and deserve to be refreshed now and then. In particular, the above Staples Brand Products are sure to deliver the quality and value you need, no matter what your budget is. Refreshing these important office products is a surefire way to make your business more comfortable, productive and organized this spring.

This article was written in partnership with Staples; however, all opinions and experiences expressed are my own.

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