Preventive Maintenance: Why Every Business Owner Needs To Prevent Problems Before They Happen (Video)

Recently, our local boiler company came by to do preventive maintenance on our boiler. There was nothing wrong with the boiler; it works just fine. And the reason our boiler works fine is because of preventive maintenance. The boiler company comes by each year to change parts and tune up the system, and these annual checkups help prevent problems from happening in the first place.

What about your business? Can you apply the principles of preventive maintenance to your business to address potential problems before they happen? How often do you review your processes and procedures?

  • Do you know who is doing what at the company and how employees work together as a team?
  • Do you get feedback by giving customer and employee surveys?
  • Do you critically audit your business to ensure it's running as optimally as possible?

The time to evaluate your business is not when something goes wrong; this should be a regular procedure to catch problems before they happen.

Check out the video below where I reflect on the importance of preventive maintenance for businesses. Then head over to the Smart Hustle community to share the types of preventive steps you are taking in your own business.

The Power of Preventive Maintenance In Business

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