WrkBench - The Powerful Collaboration Tool for Visual Workers

If you are looking for a collaboration tool there are many on the market that can help you communicate with your team, but how many of them can also inspire creativity? At SXSW 2016, I met up with Arjun Rai, the founder, and CEO of WrkBench - an app and visual collaboration tool that will redefine collaboration and allow your team to create more beautiful and connected ideas.

WrkBench – A Visual Collaboration Tool for Creative Teams

WrkBench was created with the realization that most collaboration tools “put ideas in boxes,” not allowing for customization nor representing how ideas flow together. Because of this, Arjun decided to build WrkBench from the ground up, working with architects, advertising professionals, and other visual and creative people whose needs are not being met with collaboration tools currently on the market.

The result is a visual collaboration tool that is perfect for creative teams. Imagine if you were collaborating right on a tabletop with your team. You’d talk to each other and use things paper, markers, post-its, drawings and more. Arjun has taken the tabletop experience and brought it to an iPad app.

The app does include a user interface for text-based collaboration, but it especially shines in its right-brained collaboration methods. Start with a workspace that is like a blank canvas. Add connections so you can collaborate no matter where team members are located. Then get to work, with the ability to write, draw, add images, add files, and add audio.

The audio function is especially unique and should prove to be useful when collaborating. Simply hit the audio button and you can record your comments or task instructions for the project. Next, drag the audio file to the correct spot on the canvas. Other users will be able to hit play and hear your message.

To see how the audio function works and to learn more about WrkBench, click to listen to the short interview below. You can also explore WrkBench on your own by downloading the free app here.

Arjun Rai Shares Advice for Small Business Owners

As usual, I saved a little time at the end of the interview to ask Arjun about his advice for other small business owners. He gave four tips that he also uses himself.

1. Always Be Different

At SXSW, the WrkBench booth had flashing lights, music and they were giving away flowers. Being different helped them stand out and get a lot of visitors to the booth.

2. Have a Center of Conversation

Arjun was sporting LED shoes at SXSW. He mentions that your clothing or t-shirts can also be a center of conversation. This allows you to be different, but it also makes you approachable. You’ve already started a conversation, and people will want to jump in.

3. Be Minimalist

Everything you do should be succinct and simple. Create a minimalistic sales deck that packs a big punch, and don’t forget to practice your elevator pitch.

4. Hustle

For Arjun, hustling is about getting out there and sharing your ideas with as many people as possible. He says you should show up everywhere and network with everyone because you don’t know who will become your next great contact.

It’s interesting to see how Arjun’s four pieces of advice mesh perfectly with the visual collaboration tool he has created and how he is spreading the word about it. WrkBench offers an alternative to traditional collaboration software and it might be the perfect tool to help you get your creative ideas off the ground.

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