New Year’s Business Resolutions From Some of the Smart Hustle Community Members

New Year’s Business Resolutions From Some of the Smart Hustle Community Members

Every year – sometime in December – folks start the tradition of deciding on a New Year’s Resolution. For many it’s how to better themselves, personally, in the New Year. Drop 10 pounds, run a marathon, spend more time volunteering – these are some of the typical resolutions we all hear this time of year.

For businesses, this is a good time to not only reflect on personal changes you want to implement in the New Year, but business changes as well. We recently reached out to our Smart Hustle community to find out how they are preparing for the New Year and if they have a New Year’s resolution for their business. The response was great and here’s what some of our community members will be focusing on in 2015 to bring their business to the next level.


sharon rowlandsSharon Rowlands, CEO

“ReachLocal’s New Year’s resolution is to develop mobile app advertising for local businesses that’s simple to manage and easy to understand. Consumers spend more time on mobile devices than any other device, and they are spending that time in apps. That means traditional sources of browser driven ads won’t be enough to capture the eyes and interests of potential customers. You’ll see us in this space in 2015 as we deliver more customers to local businesses around the world.”


jeniece PrimusJeniece Primus, Co-Founder

“My 2015 New Year's resolution / way to hustle is to spend an hour each week actively combing through my Sent items email folder to follow up with contacts that may have fallen through the cracks. I meet so many folks at conferences, networking events and exploratory meetings, but after the initial "nice to meet you" e-mail and LinkedIn connection these contacts often get buried under more pressing matters. In 2015 I plan to actively combat this!”


madeline cherneyMadeline Cherney, Founder
Madeline’s Beaux-Ties

My New Year's Resolution is to collaboration with other small business. I am a creative designer who hand makes unique bow ties out of papers. My small business is an artistic & eco-conscious effort in providing a new independent alternative to a classical wearable & collectable accessory. My 2015 resolution is to collaborate with other businesses who are looking to brand their logo and increase their marketing visibility. Since my Beaux-Ties are made from paper, they can accommodate any design, therefore providing a different out-of-the-ordinary vehicle for branding a company's logo. They can be used as company gifts or as a wearable product at company events. I find that as a small business collaborating with other entrepreneurs is an excellent way to unite energies and mutually gain benefits from a shared project. Collaborations open up new networking opportunities for both companies who share a like-minded interest, such as eco-sustainability, promoting indie start-ups, and promoting creativity.”


karen karibianKaren Karibian, CEO / Founder / Artist
Under Current Cartoons

“My 2015 New Year's resolution is to customize my art pieces in advance for potential clients, as this will make me more desirable to partner with.”



Smart Hustle entrepreneurs are always moving forward and looking for ways to improve themselves and their business, which is clear to see by these great resolutions!

What is your New Year’s Resolution? It’s not too late to share! Let us know in the comments and help to inspire other small business entrepreneurs just like you!


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