New Networking Gear from Cisco Designed for Your Business. Meraki Go

We take computer networking for granted. We logon and things just work - most of the time. However, if you're setting up a new office or need to upgrade your old wireless network, the hardware you rely on matters.

Cisco has a new, built from the ground, networking suite, Meraki Go.

According to Cisco,  Meraki Go is a complete line of networking products specifically designed to help independent businesses with no IT team transform to better meet the needs of customers and employees. The new Meraki Go network switches and security gateway with an optional security subscription, powered by Cisco Umbrella, are available today on

Meraki Go hardware is managed from the user-friendly Meraki Go mobile app, and an easy installation process, which takes less than 10 minutes, requires no prior IT experience. The suite of products includes WiFi access points, network switches, and a security gateway with an optional security subscription for increased protection that’s effortless. This means that no matter the type or location, businesses can leverage Meraki Go and start adding value instantly.

You can Tweet all you want and do cool IG stories, but if your network is not secure and fast, then none of it matters.

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