Meeting Management, Teens and Social Media, John Sculley's New Book

Smart Trends: Meeting Management, Teens and Social Media, John Sculley's New Book

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doMaking Meeting Meaningful

How much time do you waste having meetings? Is your staff paying attention or are they busy answering emails and surfing the web? Entrepreneur Jason Shah created the cure-all for meetings that waste everyone’s time.

Shah came up with the idea for when Yammer, the startup he worked for, was bought by Microsoft. He found himself sitting in numerous meetings feeling “disengaged, unproductive and frustrated” sitting in meetings. (Sounds familiar.)

Figuring this “was a problem that didn’t need to exist” he created Do, which works using your Google account (an Outlook integration is coming later this year) and offers a platform that gets (and keeps) everyone in the meeting informed and on task.

After you create a meeting, it’s easy to add an agenda, which all meeting participants can comment on. It’s easy to take notes (public and private), make comments (in real time) and share files and URLs. Check your dashboard to see all your calendar meetings for the next few days. After signing up (it’s free) you get a daily email showing your appointments for the day.

After the meeting, all participants have a record of what went on and any tasks they now have.


Teen Time

teen-social-media-usageIf you market your goods or services to teens, you should know the latest survey from Piper Jaffray, which conducts surveys of teens twice a year, says teens have significantly changed their social media behaviors in the last six months.

Only 45 percent of the teens surveyed say they use Facebook, plunging from 72 percent who claimed they used it in last spring’s survey. Google+ also lost a lot of teen users falling to 12 percent who say they use it now, from 29 percent in the spring survey. Twitter also saw a decline in teen users, but it was a very small decrease from 63 percent who were tweeting in the spring to 59 percent who do so now.

The winning social platforms were Pinterest up 1 percent to 22 percent, Reddit which climbed to 7 percent (from 4 percent in the spring) and Instagram which went from 69 percent usage to 76 percent in the latest study.

Obviously, if you want to sell to teens, you need to get your cameras out.


moonshotYou can learn as much from failure as you can from success. That’s one of the lessons you’ll learn reading Moonshot!: Game-Changing Strategies to Build Billion-Dollar Businesses, by John Sculley, who over the course of his illustrious career led Pepsi and Apple Computers.

Today Sculley is an investor and mentor, and wrote the book to help entrepreneurs become “adaptive innovators who will survive and thrive as the business world transforms.” Sculley says today’s new technologies have essentially put the consumers in charge and we need to tap those technologies, such as cloud computing, Big Data and mobile devices, in order to build billion-dollar businesses.

Moonshot! Is not just for startups. If you already own a business, Sculley says you need to adapt to what’s going on today, or you will lose ground.

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