Marcus Lemonis Shares Small Business Wisdom With Smart Hustle

CNBC’s The Profit has long been recognized as one of those shows that every entrepreneur should watch. The reality TV series has been going strong for four years now, and with about half a million viewers per episode, chances are you’ve seen it. If not, let’s bring you up to speed.

Each episode features a struggling small business in desperate need of help. Serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis comes in to offer investment capital in exchange for ownership share in the business. Even better, he brings direction, strategy, and mentorship that often transforms these small businesses into profit-generating machines in no time flat.

Wouldn’t you love to have Marcus as your own mentor? Well, today you can!

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Marcus Lemonis Shares Small Business Wisdom

At Infusionsoft’s ICON17 conference, Marcus sat down in a special round table chat to answer questions and share small business wisdom based on his entrepreneurial ventures and his work on The Profit. I was there to pick his brain…and to videotape the entire thing! Smart Hustlers, the advice in the video below is for YOU!

Marcus fields a variety of questions in the video and speaks on a number of topics. This includes:

  • The importance of trust and why “the handshake is like a preview to the movie.”
  • The definition of business “strategy.” (Spoiler: Marcus says it is defined differently depending on what stage of business you’re in!)
  • The best business advice Marcus has ever received (you will be surprised who this advice came from!)
  • The most shocking thing that ever occurred on The Profit, from a funny and not-so-funny standpoint.
  • The biggest disappointment Marcus has ever encountered in life (and interestingly enough, why he still wouldn’t change a thing!)
  • What it’s like working with small business owners on The Profit and why he raises the bar for them.
  • How Marcus knows when a business is the right one to buy.

If you are looking for investment capital too, you will have to apply to be a guest on The Profit. But the good news is that you can get all the advice and mentorship listed above simply by clicking PLAY on the video…even without having to give up any ownership rights to your small business.

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