3 Tips To Use Live Video To Grow Your Small Business' Online Presence

It is quite apparent that live video is the wave of the future. Video marketing is going to become a strong part of every small business' marketing strategy if it hasn't already. Live video can be a powerful tool in the small business owners' toolkit because it is raw,  true representation of your ideals, vision, and brand. When we are doing live video, it isn't scripted, it isn't pretty, and it definitely isn't edited. Your potential customers and prospects can get a look at you and your business in its raw, unedited form. That gives them a glimpse into who you truly are, no frills, and no lies.

Live video can cause your audience to have a stronger and truer connection to you because they will see the human behind the pretty facade. Humans are always looking to connect with others, and they connect more strongly with brands that seem to appeal to them on the level of their heart.

If we can truly master showing our business' true self to the world, and make it appealing to our prospects, we can build our loyal tribe. This tribe will then buy anything we sell because they trust us and our products.

Here are three tips that can help you use live video to your advantage and change your online presence dramatically:

1. Show Your Authentic Self

The first person that comes to mind in terms of authenticity on live video is Russell Brand. In case, you missed his live videos, he is a personality onto himself. He has sworn on live video, called his interviewers idiots, and called out individuals who were trying to put him down. His following grows daily because he is so authentic. He is real on live video – just as he would be while conversing with a close friend in his home. His tribe believes in his message, and trust him implicitly because they know he isn't fake. While his antics might be a little overboard for small business owners, you can learn from him on how to be authentic.

2. Show Your Vulnerable Self

Have you ever watched any of Brene Brown's videos? She is the essence of vulnerability. She has cried on live video several times and her vulnerability has garnered her a following that is highly loyal to her and her message. Her tribe feels connected to her because she isn't afraid to be vulnerable in front of them. She shows them her weakest side, and they believe in her humanness even more. Watch her videos and learn how to be vulnerable.

3. Show Your Quirky Self

Everyone has these weird quirky habits that they try to hide from their audience. I am a big fan of music festivals and dream analysis. But for the longest time, I hid these habits from the world. I felt like I couldn't share such intimate quirky details with the world. I was afraid to be made fun of. As soon as I started sharing my quirky qualities with the world, I truly found my tribe and my following. These individuals were interested in watching me because they loved music festivals and dream analysis as well. I connected with a narrower group of people, but they were my ideal prospects. Thus, they were more likely to buy from me.

Everything on live video is about building connections. When you are able to edit video, you edit out all of the good stuff - the juicy stuff, the imperfect stuff, the fun stuff. On live video, you are able to keep all of this, and your audience will love it!

One Final Tip

Be consistent with live video. Do them at least once a week at a time when you know your audience is online (you can check this on your analytics page on Facebook or Instagram). Your audience will start expecting to hear from you, and they will look forward to it. This way you can build your following and your tribe.

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Boom Shikha is a serial entrepreneur, wanderluster, online business owner, yogi, author, and avid meditator. She's interested in helping you find your life purpose and get to your Level 10 life. Join her free private FB group at www.whatsyourfreedomnumber.com.

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