Jon Tota Says - Teach and Be Taught (Founder of KnowledgeLink)

Learning from other entrepreneurs is one of the best ways to grow your own business. You can see what mistakes others have made, how they have overcome their difficulties, and what they are doing to prosper. Using such examples as building blocks, you can pave your own roads to success.

In recent years, online education has become a powerful force in providing millions worldwide with access to the education and advice they need to reach their goals. One such educational platform is Knowledgelink,  which was founded by Jon Tota as a means of sharing knowledge with people around the world.

I had the privilege of interviewing Jon, during which he explained the basics of Knowledgelink and also shared some tips on his success.

Jon Tota

Jon started off as a tech expert on Wall Street, then became a tech consultant for small businesses and insurance agencies. As he progressed, he realized that he needed to expand his knowledge to a larger audience and decided to get into online education.

This is where Knowledgelink had its roots. Knowledgelink started in 2002 with the shipping of CDs and DVDs, but that proved rather expensive. Jon decided to start video training online, but the Internet wasn’t ready for such a step, but Jon saw potential and stuck with it.

Knowledgelink can serve users two purposes.

Knowledgelink originally started off as a learning management system that powered an online university for banks and insurance companies. It hosts content from various experts, speakers, and coaches who want to package their content and sell it to other businesses.

Users can also use Knowledgelink as a platform  to share your advice with others. Knowledgelink has helped many prospective speakers, coaches, and training companies transform their knowledge into successful online businesses.

Jon also gave entrepreneurs several tips on how to maintain a successful business.

His first tip? “Think of yourself as your number one user.”  He advised entrepreneurs to periodically  use their own product. When you view your product through the lens of a customer, you will be able to see various aspects that should be changed.

Another tip: “Find one thing you’re great at.” Establish one area in which your company is really making a difference and gradually eliminate things that distract you from thriving in that one area. Jon recalled moments where he would make certain decisions just to bring in some form of revenue and make ends meet. However, these things took him away from the real purpose of his business.

One of his final tips is to “... Love what you do. That’s what keeps you coming back day to day.”

Whether you’re just starting out as a young entrepreneur or your business has hit a rough patch, everyone can benefit from a few words of advice. Knowledgelink is an example of one of the many tools you can use to obtain and share such wisdom from the comfort of your own laptop.

Listen to the full interview below or click here.

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