Infusionsoft Presents 4 Hour Super Jam in Honor of Small Business Week

Infusionsoft Presents 4 Hour Super Jam in Honor of Small Business Week

In honor of Small Business Week, Infusionsoft hosted the first ever "4 Hour Super Jam" on May 6, 2015 from 6pm EST to 10pm EST.  The event consisted of a series of interviews with business growth experts covering a wide array of topics including finance, technology, marketing, sales, ecommerce, social media and more!

You can watch the full 4 Hour Super Jam below:


Here is the roster of business experts that took part:

Nellie Akalp "Startup Success: You've Started Your Business - How To Make it A Success"

 Nellie Akalp,




Hannah Field "Design: Why Design Matters. Tips for Doing it Right"

Hannah Field, Canva




Pamela Slim"Working and Living in a Digital Revolution - Shifting Careers and Crazy Lives"

Pam Slim,




CLiff Worley"Digital Marketing Tips - For everyone It's Everything They Can Do In Their Sleep"

Cliff Worley, Chief Digital officer at Shark Branding




Dr. Will Moreland 2 "What is Leadership, Why is it Important, How to Be a Good Leader"

Dr. Will Moreland, Will Moreland International, LLC





Carolyn Crummey "Best practices in online business success - from an OBM!"

Carolyn Crummey, VirTasktic





John Lawson "eCommerce: Quick Tips to Successfully Sell Lots of Stuff Online"

John Lawson, "The #1 Social Commerce Edutainer in the World”





Brent Leary"What Are Effective Ways to Sell Online in a Noisy World"

Brent Leary, Co-Founder and Partner of CRM Essentials LLC




Morri Chowaiki"Perfect Pitch: Giving The Perfect Shark Tank Pitch (for any occasion)"

Morri Chowaiki, Shark Tank Entrepreneur



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