Infusionsoft, TaskRabbit and +Google for Work Join Forces to Talk About Productivity

Join Infusionsoft, TaskRabbit and Google Small Business to Talk About Productivity

On Tuesday, February 17th, from 3pm to 4pm industry experts from Infusionsoft, TaskRabbit and +Google for Work will be joining the Google Small Business Community for a text Q&A on Productivity. This hangout is part of the monthly series of educational sessions sponsored by the Google Small Business Community.

LIVE Google Hangout
February 17, 2015
3pm to 4pm


Every small business struggles with managing limited resources and many of us would give anything to just have one extra hour in the day or one extra set of hands. Well, since we can't make that happen, the best option available is to ensure that we are utilizing our productivity and squeezing as much out of each available minute as we can.

During this hour long text Q&A, experts from Infusionsoft - a CRM company that helps small businesses streamline their marketing processes, TaskRabbit - a task based service that helps small businesses find temporary help, and +Google for Work - cloud based tools that help you and your team work better together, will be sharing their strategies for being more productive and will answer your productivity related questions.

You can join the Google Small Business Community today and RSVP to attend this event by clicking HERE.

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