Ignition Video Series: Janette Gleason on How to Spend a Marketing Budget

Ignition Video Series: Janette Gleason on How to Spend a Marketing Budget

For small businesses and entrepreneurs it takes time to develop your business to a point where you have enough of a cushion to have a marketing budget. Until your business reaches that point,  marketing is often put on the back burner to be dealt with later. So what do you do when your business reaches that milestone and has a marketing budget? Janette Gleason, author and entrepreneur, joins Ramon and Ellis to give her tips on where spending a marketing budget can do the most good for your business.

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Question of the Week: I run a CPA business and it’s finally doing well enough that we have about $1,000 that we can spend on marketing each month. In the past, when we were on a smaller budget, we didn’t really have a cohesive plan, a few Facebook ads and a few local print ads, but we didn’t really see a lot from it. Now that we have a decent budget, how should we be using it in a decent, cohesive way?

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Here are a few of the tips that Janette shares on how to spend your marketing budget:

Target Your Top Clients

Businesses should be targeting their top clients to gain repeat business and get referrals.  Janette says, that by targeting these clients, you'll be able to attract more clients like them and as your biggest fans, they are more likely to give you the most referrals.

Old School Marketing

Now that you know what your marketing budget is and the clients that you are targeting it's time to put your marketing into action.  According to Jannette, the best way to build trust and a lasting relationship with your clients is by sending out a printed newsletter. Everyday clients emails are flooded with tons of new messages, making it easy for your business newsletter to go unseen or be deleted forever.  By sending a printed newsletter you are able to put your message right in the hands of your clients and build a more personal connection.

Mix Up Your Content

One of the best ways to build trust with a customer is by not only educating them about your business but by letting them get to know you as a person as well. Include content in your newsletter that allows prospects and customers to relate with you on a more personal level.

To learn more about how and where to spend your marketing budget, watch this episode of Ignition above, or click here.

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