Ignition Video Series: Ishita Gupta on Leveraging Your Story to Improve Sales

Ignition Video Series: Ishita Gupta on Leveraging Your Story to Improve Sales

This week on Ignition, Ishita Gupta, Founder of Ishita Gupta Consulting & Media joins Ramon and Ellis to share how small businesses can use their "why" to help improve their sales. As an entrepreneur, Ishita has gone from ground zero and back in business and is excited to share how small business owners and entrepreneurs can become less stressed and overcome their fear of sales to help continue to grow their business.

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Question of the Week: I have been running my lansdscaping company for three years and I have been able to bring on three other people. Two of them focus on sales and they are not where I want them to be but I know they are capable and we work well as a team. The problem is I’m not a great sales person so I don’t know where to begin in helping them. What things should I focus on and how can we make it seem fun since sales gets such a bad rep.

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One of the most intimidating parts of sales is the association that you need to be everyone's solution all the time.  However, the truth of the matter is that you don't need to be able to fix everyone's problem. Instead, Ishita Gupta shares these tips to make sales a little less intimidating:

Identify Your Unique Story

Who are you in business? How did you get to where you are today? By being able to identify your "why" it enables you to better sell your product and communicate your unique story.

Overcome Your Fear of Sales

Anything that has rejection attached to it can be extremely intimidating. The thought that someone might turn down your product or services can cause a lot of self-doubt and hesitation in putting yourself out there and sharing your story. However, sales is  a number game.  For every one one hundred people you share your story with, only twenty might buy your products or services. Once you recognize that this is nothing personal against your business but rather is simply that you can't always be the solution to everyone's problem, selling will become much less intimidating.

Share Your Story

Once you have prospective customers or clients in front of you, there is a big IF that your product or service is the solution to their problem. However, the more people that you share your story with, the more people that you can convert from cold to warm and qualify as leads.

Watch this week's episode for so many more great tips from Ishita on how to improve your sales and generate more leads.

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