I Need to Create a Website for My Business. Where Do I Start?

I Need to Create a Website for My Business. Where Do I Start?

Community Q: I just started my business and I don't have a website, but I know I need one - I just don't know where to start! What do I need to consider when putting together a website and what's the easiest way to get started?


Jennifer Shaheen, The Technology Therapist, has always been a hustler. She started three businesses before graduating from college – one of which, now, 16 years later, is The Technology Therapy Group, a full service digital marketing agency serving global and boutique brands.

Jennifer Shaheen: Hustling is a high-energy, intensely mobile approach to entrepreneurship. With that in mind, you have to approach your new website understanding that the site you launch now with is very likely not the site you’re going to have (or want!) in a year.

That’s okay! Your starter website is a catalyst; an announcement to the world that you’re up and running. Secure your domain name from a registrar like web.com, GoDaddy or register.com. Then look at an all in one website provider like Wix or Shopify to build your starter website.

These sites will work to get you started: you’ll have a basic, functional site that you can use to tell people who you are, where you are and what you do. What starter site providers don’t give you is the sales pizazz –they’re not set up to provide you with compelling images or web copy that will really help you sell. You have to provide that on your own. Invest the time and money with a marketing professional who can help you either by guiding your choices or by doing this work for you.

It’s especially important to have strong calls to action on every page of your website. A call to action is the place on your website where you tell people how to do business with you, such as ‘book a table now!’ or ‘schedule your consultation’ or ‘shop new arrivals’.

As your business grows, you’re going to reach a point where the starter website just isn’t working for you anymore. This is a good thing! It means you’ve leveled up; that your business is growing into its potential. That’s when investing in a more robust website makes sense. Right now, keep the focus on getting started and get your website up there so your customers can find you!

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