HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook PC - The Perfect Computer for Road Warriors

A few months ago my computer broke. Actually it went under the car I was in and was crushed. I quickly ran into Best Buy to buy another one.

I was disappointed that computers that had a USB-3 port were large and bulky. The ones with a full HDMI port were also bulky. Many had the newer USB-c connections but those had not USB-3 and on and on it goes.

Seeing the new HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook PC, I was HIGHLY impressed. HIGHLY.

Overall it's light. Very light. Starts at 2.2lbs - less than 1kg.

HP has put a lot of thought into the small details of this notebook that overall make it a powerful and productive machine.

There are two options of batter power you can order when buying the Drangonfly notebook. Both last long, one lasts even longer.

I love that HP's notebook has both USB-c (so you can charge it via Thunderbolt technology) and USB-3 (your standard USB) and full HDMI port for your next great presentation.

While some notebooks sacrifice their keyboard, HP's Dragonfly does not. They've put a bit of thought into into the keyboard design to make sure when you type it's a full typing experience.

Many people are nervous about hackers getting into their webcams and seeing them. A good fear to have. No longer do you have to have a stupid looking piece of tape or a sticky note covering your webcam but HP's built a webcam cover into the Drangonfly.

HP's SureView software lets you quickly turn your regular screen into a privacy screen which blocks what you're typing from prying eyes on the left and right side of you.

The alloy construction of this notebook, means it's HIGHLY durable and strong and coated with an oleophobic coating that helps the oils in your fingers not smug it up.

If you're looking for your next great notebook the HP Elite Dragonfly notebook PC is perfect for the road warrior and highly mobile professional.

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