How You Can Use TaskRabbit, Breather and Uber To Do More With Less

Recently I was organizing an event and needed some help.Sure I could have reached out to Adrian's Network, Craig's List or any number of networks to get help. I could have also posted a cry for help on Twitter or Facebook, but instead, I used TaskRabbit. In about 10 minutes (or less) I had secured the services of someone to help me. They showed up promptly and were wonderful.  I did not know who they were but trusted that TaskRabbit had sufficiently curated them to help me.

This is how small companies can do big things - by using a range of online platforms that bring together people who have extra time or expertise to help those who need it.

I have successfully used TaskRabbit on more than one occasion.

Breather is very similar - except it helps you find amazing venues for small meetings from a handful of people until about 20 or more. You just "click" and get the room you need. Payment within Breather and the other services is seamless and hassle free.

Of course Uber, the most famous of the online services is just as easy and frictionless to procure a car to take you from point A to point B.

For companies who compete with these services, what are you doing to better your service offering and keep your customers?

For small companies just starting out and/or in growth mode is services like Uber, Breather, and TaskRabbit that can provide just about everything you need to grow even faster and better.

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