How Viper Imaging Found Support to Scale a Small Business During COVID-19

Viper Imaging is a leading supplier of FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras. They offer both customized and out-of-the-box solutions designed to monitor temperature in processes at industrial complexes and factories. It just so happens that this technology is now highly desired — with fever being one of the more commonly seen symptoms of COVID-19, being able to test body temperature in people can help in re-opening the economy safely. But the team at Viper Imaging wasn’t prepared for this popularity that basically hit overnight. That’s where Dell came in as a partner to help make sure they got the solutions needed to navigate their desirability in a successful way.

Paving the Path for New Business

Erik Day is the Senior Vice President of Small Business at Dell Technologies and got a chance to talk with us, in conjunction with Viper, about how his team is able to support small businesses during this time in a pandemic to scale for the future. Viper being one those businesses.

With business and technology quickly changing during the COVID-19 health crisis, it’s possible we might see entrepreneurship and new businesses have a spike from all the new ideas and inventions that will be coming out of the pandemic. Technology allows businesses to scale faster and smarter, and this is a focus at Dell. Erik explained that they’ve pivoted how the team of small business advisors help businesses use technology solutions to scale and keep up with growing businesses — especially when they are growing faster than planned. And this is exactly what happened with Viper Imaging. 

Utilizing Your Technology Vendor

Viper Imaging called Dell and was paired with an advisor to make sure they used the technology that would allow them to be successful, but quickly. 

Business owners need to ask questions — even basic ones, to make sure your technology vendor can help you and provide for you. Dell loves being able to help, so no question, no matter how big or small, is off-limits. The foundation of working with a good partner is one that understands small business. There is an assumption that large companies don't understand small companies, and at Dell, they wanted to bridge this gap, which is at the forefront of Erik’s work. 

Viper Imaging Expanded During COVID

Thermal imaging cameras and the technology behind them has been used for different processes for many years. (Think of the movie predator, yes — that is thermal imaging.) It’s no shock that this technology can be used to help detect fever or elevated temperatures in people who might be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. While these are not medical devices and do not replace conventional medical testing, they can be used to provide early indication when handled properly.

There are several factors to consider in making the most accurate temperature measurement possible. Temperature can be greatly affected by:

  • Focus
  • Distance to target
  • Camera resolution
  • Speed of the measurement

Some of the key benefits of this kind of technology include:

  • Real-time fever symptom identification
  • Easy setup and operation
  • The quick, non-contact screening process
  • Visual and/or audible alarming
  • Able to store temperature data and images
  • Helps protect public health

Viper Imaging is one of many businesses that have had to scale quickly and unexpectedly during the pandemic. If your business is in this situation, make sure to utilize technology and the right vendors who can help you grow in a smart way, supporting all your needs.

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