Growth Is Great. But Don't Take On More Than You Can Handle. Scaling Your Company.

Suhaib Zaheer built a thriving business brokerage business and grew it from 3 offices to many more multiple offices with a staff of 75 people.

This was GREAT, until it wasn't.

From a young age Suhaib, who is now the SVP and GM at website host Bluehost, learned about entrepreneurship and business from his father who was a banker.

Having built 5 business and served in various executive roles, Suhaib has some powerful insights on build a great company.

From his own successes and mistakes in business, Suhaib shared the things you need to do to succeed.

Enjoy the journey

As an entrepreneur Suhaib enjoyed being able to guide others with his expertise. It's important that you ENJOY the journey of building and growing a business. If you don't enjoy it, it's hard to go on when things get tough.

Build your brand

In launching his first business, one thing he would have done different is to build a strong brand and leverage the power of social content. At times we business owners have our hands and head buried into the day to day operations of our business that we don't "look up" and focus ON the business.

Scale wisely

Another important lesson he learned was about scaling wisely. Growth is good, but not growth at any cost. Ensure you grow at a pace that you can keep up with and serve your clients.

Don't over extend yourself so much that you can't build a solid revenue stream,  Suhaib advises.


Another key component of every successful business is to have the right cultural dynamics. For example, hen you have someone who can never see the silver lining they're a drain on everyone.


Suhaib's advice for entrepreneurs just starting out is to recognize that technology can be intimidating but that tech is not as hard as it seems. Don't wait to build your brand, start investing in your online brand as soon as you start your business. As president of a website hosting company of course Suhaib wants you to have a website and if you have one, make sure it's well designed, fast, secure and mobile ready.

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