How Hustle Made a Valuable Difference For to be Successful

How Hustle and Persistence Made the Difference For Founder Arjun Rai

I recently caught up with Arjun Rai, CEO and Founder of at his office in the entrepreneur center at NYIT (New York Institute of Technology). Arjun shares with me his no nonsense strategies on how he has hustled to build his business and what it takes to find continual growth and success.

The young entrepreneur started working on, a visual collaboration platform, while he was in college. During the summer between his sophomore and junior year, Arjun raised his first $100k in funding, allowing him to build his MVP (minimal viable product). This provided the opportunity for Arjun to start promoting in front of large corporations and grab the attention of some very notable investors.

His persistence and hunger to tap into the minds of some of the most powerful entrepreneurs in the industry is what drove Arjun to make the connections that he has today. Through strategic targetting and perseverance, Arjun convinced entrepreneurs such as Jeff Pulver, CoFounder of Vonage and Brian Cohen, the first investor in Pinterest to invest in his company.

Listen to Arjun's amazing story, and how by tweeting he caught the eye of his investors, in the video interview below. It's truly a testament to smart hustle and perseverance! is the first technology of its kind to allow small businesses to collaborate in a visual and creative way. The platform uses the colors yellow, green and red as a way to track the status of your project and also changes the thickness of your projects lines based on the amount of details involved. You can also easily drag and drop between projects to add new members, add updates or write a quick note. has recently closed it's next round of funding (at press time the amount had not yet been disclosed), which will allow Arjun and his team to continue to build and grow the company. We'll be watching for more to come from this smart hustling CEO!



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