5 Fun Holiday Shopping Apps

5 Fun Holiday Shopping Apps

Technology has infiltrated every area of consumers’ lives, including how they prepare for the holidays. As the season of giving begins, shoppers are looking for apps that can make the process of tracking and purchasing gifts as painless as possible. Here are a few apps that small businesses should know about to make sure they’re reaching out to customers the way they’re shopping today.

Google Express

One major advantage local businesses have over online retailers is speed of delivery. Instead of having to wait days for an item to arrive, shoppers can stop by a local store, pick up the item, and have it wrapped and under the tree that very night. Google Express is still only available in certain areas, but the number of participating stores continues to grow. Using the Google Express app, customers can order products from stores like PetSmart, Target, Kohl’s, and Barnes & Noble and have them delivered directly to them on the same day.

Santa’s Bag

Santa’s Bag is designed to help consumers organize their shopping tasks during the holidays, including budgeting, creating wish lists, importing gift recipients, and managing gift shopping lists. In addition to tracking which items have been purchased and how much money has been used, you can also check off which items have been wrapped, allowing you to better see what chores remain as the big day approaches.


Consumers are searching for the best deal this holiday season and ShopSavvy may be the app that provides it. The app primarily operates as a barcode scanner that allows users to scan items at home or in stores to find the best prices across a wide variety of retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Retailers can get their deals on the site by using the ShopSavvy Marketplace to upload products and prices into the system.


Have you ever seen an item online but been able to find a way to purchase it? Fancy resolves that by providing images in a Pinterest-style fashion but with the option to buy. Posts are community based, with users sharing interesting items they’ve found online and in stores with other community members. Stores can also add their items, with Fancy handling shipping and logistics for all items purchased.

Gift Card Granny

Consumers will spend an estimated $31 billion on gift cards this year, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation. Gift Card Granny aims to help them save a little money on those purchases. Not only can shoppers purchase gift cards at a discount of 5-20%, they can also sell any old gift cards they don’t plan to use to make a little extra money. Offers are often culled from sites like eBay and GiftCardBin, so by offering your own gift cards at a discount through reseller sites, you may be able to reach local customers.

Apps are becoming an increasingly important part of annual holiday shopping. If your business is aware of the tools that are capturing customer attention, you can better prepare your marketing efforts. A couple of these apps could even help busy small business owners better manage their own holiday shopping experiences.

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