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A Quick Guide to Hiring a Business Coach [And Tips to Get Most Out of Your Coach]

Do you feel stuck growing your business? Do you struggle to maintain a work-life balance? Or do you feel overwhelming to run day-to-day business operations? If your answer to these questions is YES, then my friend, you need a business coach.

From product development to customer acquisition to financial planning, there are tons of tasks you need to handle daily. And to complete these tasks efficiently, you often need expert advice in areas that aren’t your forte.

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Enters a business coach who will give you expert guidance on the matters that make you feel stuck you.

Before we discuss how a business coach accelerates your growth, let’s have a little background:

What Is Business Coaching?

Business coaches are successful entrepreneurs who encourage other business owners to succeed by offering them guidance to make smart, strategic decisions.

As a business coach have an outside perspective of your business, he/she can help you see things more accurately. What’s more, business coaching will hold you accountable for focusing on the right things/behavior to achieve business goals.

In other words,

Business coaching helps you take your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

Top Five Areas Where Business Coaching Can Help


Working with a business coach means you will not feel alone in your entrepreneurial journey. You will always have someone who you can turn to get an expert opinion on critical business issues.

Here are the top five areas where a business coach can lend a hand:

1- Goal Setting

Business goals are stepping stones to make your small business successful. They keep you move forward and motivate you to grow.

That being said, you need realistic goals to get going, regardless of the stage of your business lifecycle. However, many entrepreneurs, especially those who have recently started their businesses, find it challenging to set realistic goals.

A business coach can help you set SMART goals for your business.

2- Productivity

When you start your business, you want to do everything yourself. This is because it is your idea and you think you can do it better. But doing everything on your own is a surefire way to burning out.

Working with the right business coach will enable you to focus your energy on high-value tasks that move the needle. He/she can aid you in learning the art of delegation and stop wasting time on the tasks you easily delegate.

3- Business Relationships

You have to communicate with your employers, vendors, customers, and other stakeholders daily. And many a time, disagreements and conflicts happen.

A business coach can assist you in building good business relationships with stakeholders. He/she can also help you learn the subtle art of conflict resolution.

4- Business Profitability

A business coach typically is a successful business owner. He/she knows how to run a business to increase profit. So you can learn from him/her ways to improve profitability in your business.

From negotiation to vendors to deciding the marketing budget, a coach can guide you on various business functions.

5- Work-life Balance

Small business owners tend to wear many hats. And they are often juggling multiple tasks and ending up spending more hours at work. As a result, they struggle to maintain a work-life balance.

Coaching empowers you to envision, plan, and strategize to overcome the roadblocks standing in the way of better work-life balance.

How to Find a Good Business Coach

You can easily find a business coach because there are plenty of them out there. But finding the coach who suits your requirements can be difficult.

Here are three tips for finding a good coach:

  • Look for a coach who has rich experience in helping business owners in your niche
  • Go for a coach who can break down the coaching process into clear, steps
  • Choose a business coach who you can respect (this will encourage you to do better)

Michael S. Melfi, who works as a business coach, said,

Picking the right coach is really about trust in the relationship – coaches are there to transform your beliefs, which impacts capabilities and ultimately results. Finding the fit for a coach will require finding someone you can trust, who you will listen to and ultimately pushes you beyond your conscious limits.

Also, try to work with a coach whom you can reach whenever the need for the same arises. Weekly or monthly meetings won’t bring in the change you want.

Dawnna, a performance coach, seconded that,

It is 100% up to my clients to get the work done and get on my calendar. They have a link they can use at any time; plus my cell phone; plus they can text.

How to Get Most Out of Working With a Business Coach

business coach

Real change requires hard work and discipline. No business coaching will work unless you work.

The following are the three ways to get the most out of your coach:

  • Understand your challenges and share them with your coach
  • Commit yourself to change
  • Be open to feedback your coach provides

Kim Poulos Lieberz, who changed her coach and later hired Dan Paulson, said,

I recently started working with another coach that is more aligned with where I felt my business needs to be at the current time. My new coach, Dan Paulson, is working with me to define clearly where I am, where I am going, and how to get there. His method is more hands-on. By providing the tools I need to figure out how to reach the success I want to achieve.

You can’t always find a good coach on your first try to grow your business. If things are not moving forward despite your wholehearted efforts, you can look for other options.

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