How to Grow Your Brand with a Data Driven Strategy

Your business means the world to you. After investing so much effort, there is no way you want to go back or give up. The truth about the success is it’s not an overnight achievement, instead, it’s a continuous process that involve experiments, and learnings. Success is dependant on improvement.

The days are gone when you had to be physically present somewhere to start a business. We are living in a digitally connected world where online presence is more important no matter where your physical location is.

You have the opportunity to target everyone that is connected to the internet. According to the internet live stats, there are 3 billion people connected to the internet and the number growing each second.

The question is, ‘how will you identify your target audience?’ Targeting everyone, everywhere is like playing darts with no dart board. You need to have a specific target, followed by secondary targets. There is a process, that involves identifying your target audience, attracting them towards a business goal and then converting them into loyal customers.

In this article, I am going to show you how to kick-start an online business that is data-driven and automated.

Get Your Brand a Website

The very first thing you should do when starting a business or launching a brand is to have a website. Website today is the primary face of your brand. It gives you the basic visibility in the digitally crowded world.

Having your own website is a piece of cake today since there are a lot of online tools that offers a drag and drop process to build a website. You can also use pre-built templates to create a customized website.

When you setup a website, you will have to make sure you are clarifying what you offer and the website is user-friendly, mobile-friendly and call to actions are placed in the right place. Once a visitor lands on your website, the visitor should be able to see what he landed for and what to do next. You can follow the easy step by step guide from a developer to make a website.

Track Humans and not Google Bots

If you sell makeup products, trust me bots really don’t do makeovers and same goes with all other products. The second step after having a website and before starting your marketing campaigns is to setup your website tracking. This is necessary to figure out who visit your website and how many of them convert.

For tracking your website, Google Analytics is the best online tool available. It’s FREE and easy to integrate on your website. You only have to sign up for a Google Analytics account and paste the tracking code provided by Google Analytics on Your Website.  

Below are the some of the important things you can track with Google Analytics:

  1. See the number visitors on your site right now
  2. Where in the world your website visitors located
  3. What devices they use to visit your website
  4. From which source people visit your website
  5. Which marketing campaign drives more traffic
  6. How visitor interact with your website
  7. Track which buttons are clicked and which forms are submitted.

All of this doesn’t happen itself, but you will have to configure your Google Analytics account to track how you want to see the data. You will have to make sure you are tracking the real people and not bots that visit your website.

Once the Google Analytics configuration is done correctly, you will be able to track the data that is relevant to your business.

Bonus: One of the important reason to use Google Analytics is you can setup goals that determine the number of visitors completing a specific action on your website. This is helpful in measuring the performance of your online marketing campaigns.

Select your Marketing Tools

Now it’s time to search for people who are actually looking for your services or who are interested to do business with you. The two of the popular marketing platforms on the internet are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Google Adwords provides an opportunity to target people who are searching on Google and those who are visiting the Google’s display network websites. While Facebook ads are targeted to people who are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

The good thing about these platforms is you can target visitors by specific locations. For example, if you have a local business, you can target people located in your surroundings and even you can target your neighbors.

Don’t Miss out Tracking Online Campaigns

If you have decided to start Adwords or Facebook advertising, don’t forget to track your online campaigns. Without tracking the campaign performance, you would not be able to measure which campaign is performing better and which needs to improve.

To measure your Adwords campaigns, you can create conversions within your Adwords account. Or you can simply import the goals you have defined in Google Analytics. In the Adwords vocabulary, this process is known as Adwords conversion tracking.

For tracking your Facebook ads, you will have to add a piece of code on your website, known as Facebook Pixel. This helps you measure the performance of your Facebook ads and reports in ads manager. The term used for measuring Facebook ads is known as, Facebook conversion tracking.

Important Tip: You can track your Adwords and Facebook campaigns in Google Analytics to see the performance of each marketing channel in a single place. To track Adwords campaigns, you will have to connect Adwords with Google Analytics and for Facebook ads, you will be using UTM parameters.

Why Am I Focusing on Trackings?

Let’s say you have a mobile shop and you run a TV ad to spread awareness about your brand and attract customers. Can you figure out how many of the ad viewers actually come to your shop or how many of them bought? You can’t even tell how many people changed the channel even before your ad aired.

The biggest benefit of online marketing is you can measure the performance of each online campaign. Once you track the data, you can then decide which campaign to continue and which to quit.

So in a nutshell, running an online campaign without measuring the performance is a waste of money.


In a conclusion, for starting a new brand or business, you will have to follow the below steps carefully.

  1. Create a website
  2. Setup Google Analytics tracking
  3. Start your online campaigns
  4. Measure your campaign performance
  5. Continue with the best performing campaigns

By following the above-mentioned method and using the tools, you will surely be able to emerge as a successful brand and win more clients.

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Noman Karim is a Content Marketer at Marketlytics, conducting in-depth analysis of latest marketing trends and aligning them with his personal prospects to produce stage-managed and engaging content. He is a passionate blogger, a cat hoarder and is an enthusiastic writer when it comes to analytics, online marketing, and SEO.

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