Dell Announces Fall 2014 Founders 50 Class

Dell Announces Fall 2014 Founders 50 Class

Today’s businesses are run on technology. Recognizing the substantial role it plays in this, technology leader Dell has launched a program called Founders 50. The program, which was launched in the spring of 2014, acknowledges companies that have high potential to grow and disrupt their respective industries. Once chosen, businesses have access to support from Dell’s experts on issues like technology, marketing and branding, and capital and networking opportunities.

Founders 50 reaches around the globe to reach businesses in all industries across the world. Dell sees each company as one to watch for that season, offering two years of entrepreneurial support from Dell. Once the two-year term is over, each business becomes a Founders 50 alumni, joining such notable names as Everloop and CloudFlare.

Focusing on Growth

With Founders 50, Dell focuses on growth for its members. The spring 2014 class was able to generate an impressive $2.2 billion in capital, with backing from multiple notable angel investors and venture capital funds. By first locating companies that show promise and then equipping them with the tools they need to excel, the Dell Founders 50 program is one that stands to help numerous growing businesses succeed.

This fall, Dell is expanding its program to recognize companies in other countries for the first time. The 2014 Founders 50 group includes businesses in America, Canada, France, and The Netherlands. Companies were divided into groups by industries, with representatives chosen for their ability to demonstrate growth in their segments.

Technology and Business

While most of the businesses were recognized for their contributions to technology, Dell’s attention isn’t exclusive to those businesses. In addition to acknowledging achievers in cloud and IT services, big data, security, software, and analytics, Dell’s Founders 50 class includes achievements in education, healthcare, and travel. Technology is at the core of each member, however, with each business showing a clear use of innovation in the way they conduct business.

This year’s Founders 50 class includes Dewsly, a company that facilitates safe communication between teachers, parents, and students, and Blue Marble Game Company, a healthcare business that uses electronic games to track and improve a patient’s mental health.

Become a Candidate

While Dell chooses from among the most innovative companies, there is an application process. Companies that are revolutionizing their industries using technology are ideal candidates for the next Founders 50 class, which should be announced in the spring of 2015. Dell looks for companies on the verge of breaking through, having already landed venture capital or high-level angel investment funding. To qualify, businesses should be poised to break through, showing a preparedness for rapid growth and expansion into new markets. Once chosen, a business will be given the ability to explore new partnerships internally with Dell, as well as externally with other exciting businesses.

Dell believes that entrepreneurs are an important part of business today, boosting the economy and spurring job creation. This is just the latest of many ways Dell has supported small businesses over the years, including Dell Ventures, Entrepreneurs in Residence, and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network.

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