Creator of Quikiks Hands-Free Shoes Shares Entrepreneurial Journey

Creator of Quikiks Hands-Free Shoes Shares Entrepreneurial Journey

Every entrepreneurs journey is different. Those who provide a service have a totally different path and experience totally different challenges than those who create a product. But for both, there are many challenges that remain the same: securing finances, building a team, staying motivated and getting your message to the market.

I recently had the opportunity to sit with Steve Kaufman, CEO and Founder of Hands Free, LLC - the makers of Quikiks Hands-Free shoes. Steve shared with me his entrepreneurial journey and the story of how he was inspired to develop his project because of a physical limitation his son had. He shares the struggles he's encountered along the path as well as tips and strategies for other entrepreneurs who are creating and manufacturing a product for market.

You can listen to my full interview with Steve below, or watch it directly on YouTube.

I love Steve's story and the hustle, smart hustle, he displayed to bring a product that grew out of such a personal  passion and need. With little to no background in building a business, Steve knew that hard work, dedication and perseverance were the tools he needed to create and manufacture Quikiks. Kudos to Steve and congratulations on a great product that will help the lives of so many!

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