Better Meeting Planning? 5 Simple Solutions from Michael Hyatt.

If you’re like most Americans in the United States, you attend about 62 meetings every single month. You may even attend more based on your occupation. A lot of the meetings that you go to are an absolute waste of time, however this does not have to be the case. Better meeting planning is possible.  Alex Judd, host of the EntreLeadership podcast, finds out from best selling author, Michael Hyatt, on how to plan and execute meetings in five ways that will wow your team.

These principles apply to meetings held in-person in a room or through a video call.

What is a no-fail meeting?

There are 5 important steps to ensuring that when it comes time for a meeting, you’re ready for it and people leave that meeting knowing that it wasn’t a waste of their time.

A Purpose



Yes, getting everyone into the same room is very important. However, you can have your team ready, but if there is no set purpose or reason for the meeting, it will be an absolute time-waster. When you organize a meeting, design a set purpose so that when everyone is gathered together, you can launch your ideas on the table and not have any awkward moments of silence.


An Agenda


Lists...ugh...they seem so boring yet very essential. Michael Hyatt encourages you to have a step by step plan in discussing pointers. One of the tasks on your list should be to discuss and celebrate achievements. “You’ve got to celebrate where you’re winning because it gives [the team] a sense of confidence and momentum,” Michael says. Towards the end of the meeting, make sure to discuss points in which your team can improve and areas that they should excel in.


The Right People in the Room


Only people who need to be at your meeting should be there. Don’t have that one person who always throws people off topics. Each topic discussed should flow smoothly without interruption. Suggestions should be made and resolved. Don’t get stuck on one point because of a distraction.




How should you feel when you end? Should you feel like you wanted to say more but didn’t have time? Do you feel as if you said too much that was not on the topic at hand? Keep in mind what you want to get accomplished by the end of your meeting. Make a few bullet points if that will help. In order to keep yourself from being unnecessarily stressed and frustrated, focus on the outcome.


Follow-up Actions


When your meeting is finished, make sure people leave the room knowing what they have to do. Give them due dates and set times for projects. Leaving them wondering where to go next is not an option. When a set time is up, check on them and see where they’re at. By doing that, you will lessen the amount of time wasted and you’ll see which areas your team is struggling in.

Meetings don’t always have to be a bore. They can be excitable if they’re done the right way. When you follow these steps and work hard, you can start meetings that are unforgettable. For more information about 5 steps to No-Fail Meeting, check out the EntreLeadership podcast or purchase Michael Hyatt’s book on 5 Steps to No-Fail Meetings.

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