The Anatomy of Effective Product Pages


Tips to Optimizing Product Landing Pages

In the constantly changing environment of the internet, businesses must remain responsive and adaptable. While there is no set standard by which to do this, implementing the following tips will go a long way towards ensuring that your potential customers continue to convert over the long term.
1. Include Informative Product Descriptions

Crafting interesting and actionable product descriptions can be made much easier by simply including some detailed information regarding the item’s features, benefits and specifications.

You won’t need to display every piece of technical information, just enough to entice the consumer and help them decide. Generally, actionable lists of dots points are effective ways to go about making your descriptions scannable, likely resulting in higher conversion rates.

2. Display Pricing Information Prominently

If you do nothing else make sure that you place your product prices where they can clearly be seen in relation to what they are advertising. Better still, if your site is offering a sale, include information about how much a customer will save (in both percentages and dollar amounts) if they were to purchase the item.

Keep in mind that providing a button that redirects the consumer to the checkout process is also something that should appear near or somewhere within the product description itself. Offer comparisons wherever appropriate to improve the baseline expectations of potential buyers.

Along the same vein, think about how informational shoppers evolve into transactional ones. They generally have a goal – usually comparing prices first for the best deals – and a lot of product information can influence their point of purchase. For example, having an FAQ answering the most common questions about a product or service can both alleviate customer doubt and lighten the load on your customer service team.

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