Ignition Video Series: Adrian Miller on How to Get Your Business Out of a Sales Slump

Ignition Video Series: Adrian Miller on How to Get Your Business Out of a Sales Slump

Is your business in a sales slump? This week on Ignition, Sales trainer, Adrian Miller shares her tips and advice on how to get your business out of a sales slump.

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Question of the Week: I have been running my printing business for 15 years. I have a team of five to do sales, marketing and work. The business is still doing fine but has sort of stalled. I don’t want to change the core of my business, but I think I need to make some changes because I want this to be a long-term business that my children can take over one day. How do I keep the core of my business the same while adapting to be more modern?

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Identifying why your sales are in a slump is on of the first steps in fixing the problem. Here are a few ways that Adrian shares to identify why your business is in a slump and how to fix the problem:

Order-Makers vs. Order-Takers

Is your sales team simply taking orders from pre-existing clients or, are they being proactive and developing new sales? If your sales team has plateaued and is not generating new business, try to offer more incentives through a compensation plan.

Become More Modern 

Be aware of what is happening in your industry and what other businesses are doing and make your business stand out by identifying where you add value that your customers cannot easily find anywhere else.

Bringing in New Clients

While it's important to nurture and grow existing clients, every business should continue to try to fill their sales funnel with new prospects as well. Train your staff on prospecting and sales to ensure that they are well educated on how to bring in new customers.

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