5 Simple Steps to Teaching Children to Be Great Entrepreneurs

5 Simple Steps to Teaching Children to Be Great Entrepreneurs

If you ask Matthew and Adam Toren, the authors of KIDPRENEURS: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas! and KIDPRENEURS: Parent / Teach Guide, when the best time to start teaching children about entrepreneurship is, they’ll tell you, “it’s never too early.” They understand that the skills required of entrepreneurship are important for building successful kids, but they also realize that understanding how to teach children these skills can be difficult. This is exactly why they’ve authored these two books and from those we are going to share with you 5 ways to teach our kids to be great entrepreneurs.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education and the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship found that, “Youth who are taught about entrepreneurship show a positive change in attitude and strong success orientation, and are more likely to be focused on academic and professional achievements, aspirations, and leadership.”

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Through the infographic below, you’ll find five simple steps you can take to teach your kids now to be kidpreneurs and examples of modern day successful kidpreneurs who are changing the world.


About Matthew and Adam Toren: Matthew and Adam Toren are brothers, serial entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. For nearly 20 years, Matthew and Adam have provided instruction in management concepts, marketing, and finance to emerging and distressed small businesses. They currently own and operate a successful media company, which includes several online properties and print publications.

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