4 Powerful Strategies to Get Known and Stand Out

When you first enter Selena Soo’s S2 Groupe website, you are greeted with the opportunity to discover how she went from $0 to $157K in her first year as a coach. Ask any entrepreneur or small business owner and they will agree – that is a pretty impressive feat! What’s really impressive is how she took her years of experience working in publicity and strategic partnerships to make that happen and how she now shares those powerful strategies to get known and stand out with entrepreneurs everywhere.

Selena joined me recently to talk about the importance of following the right strategies when you are building a personal, or business, brand to not just get attention but get the right attention. During this interview, she shared four strategies that are a must to help any entrepreneur stand out in their field and be known as the ‘expert’, or go-to person.

You can listen to our full interview below:

4 Things Entrepreneurs MUST Do to Be Known as the Expert in Their Field

Every entrepreneur wants to be known as the expert in their field as it opens up a wealth of opportunity for your business and brand. Selena offers online training for entrepreneurs who know they are good at what they do but struggle to become known. Through her online courses, which focus on visibility, publicity, and networking, she helps those who are getting started learn how to strategically be seen as the ‘go-to’ person quickly and find new clients.

As Selena notes in the interview, none of this will happen overnight, but there are specific steps and ‘shortcuts’ that every entrepreneur can take to help speed up the process. Here are four of those essential steps.

Be Good at What You Do

While this may seem obvious, there is more to being good at what you do than meets the eye. As Selena notes, not only do you need to provide a better product or service than your competitors, you must also be willing to go above and beyond your customer’s expectations. It is these actions that your customer will remember most and get them talking about you and your brand. Moreover, when an opportunity arises, and your happy customers are asked if they know someone who offers what you do, your name will be the first to roll off their tongue.

As an exercise, Selena suggests that you think of five ways that you can create a greater customer experience. Ideas include getting back to clients more quickly, adding extras to your product, providing additional resources of value.

Build Relationships

The second step to help you stand out in the crowd is building relationships with both your ideal client and those in your industry that serve the same client base. Selena stresses that the success of this step relies heavily on step #1 above and your ability to be good at what you do.

Selena notes that you should not be afraid to connect with those who offer the same services as you or services in the same industry. Don’t view them as competition, but as people who add value as a connection, because often there is enough business to go around.

Determination to Be Visible

It is very common for people to ‘hide’ in their business when they first get started. That is a big no-no. When you are getting started, you need to be your publicist. You need to let people know you exist and how and why they should do business with you. Accept interviews or find podcasts to take part in – any way to get your message out there has value.

A big part of this step includes perfecting your ‘pitch’. Many folks struggle with clearly articulating who they are, what they do and their unique value when asked. Selena suggests you practice your pitch and get very good at telling people very specifically what you do.  This becomes necessary in ensuring you are gaining visibility in front of the right people and audiences.

Be Willing to Be Uncomfortable

There is no lack of fear in entrepreneurship, but as Selena notes, the more uncomfortable something feels, the more you should do it. If you are always comfortable in your business, then you are likely not growing. Facing the fear and pushing through those opportunities that are uncomfortable but will help you grow, will have a massive impact on your business.

As a final suggestion, Selena stresses that it is okay not to be perfect in your business and to ask others for help. Having a mentor can have a tremendous impact on your business. While it may feel like this more of a ‘take’ than a ‘give,' it offers the opportunity to further connect with those in your industry and develop a deeper level of relationship. It will also help you to move your business forward much quicker.

Selena shares many more great tidbits in this interview, including what her successful clients are specifically doing to find greater success, the role of social media in gaining publicity and so much more. Enjoy!

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