12 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Be Thankful

Happy and Thankful

Thanksgiving is that special time of the year in America, where most people reflect on what they are thankful for, gather together as a family, sit around a table and eat food.

I fear that most of us have lost the deep meaning of Thanksgiving. Remembering our country's early years and how the Puritan Pilgrims and Native Americans came together.  And being grateful for the lives we have now.

In modern times, being thankful is still as powerful today as it was in 1623. The Bible, in 1 Thessalonians 5:15 reads, "in everything give thanks." Time Magazine writes about the benefits of thankfulness here.

I find that when I'm thankful I gain perspective and I lose site of any negativity I'm feeling.

Thankfulness brings us joy. Thankfulness makes us grateful. Thankfulness enables us to have a pep in our step.

As a thankful person, we can be a bit saddened that we spilled some milk, but we can be grateful that we have MORE milk and or didn't spill too much.

One aspect of being thankful that I often hear is that I'm thankful because I know there are people worse off than me. Or conversely, that I'm better than some others. However, what about just "being thankful".

  1. Be thankful that you're alive and can continue to contribute to someone else's life.
  2. Be thankful that you're a business owner, entrepreneur and/or working professional and can earn a living.
  3. Be thankful that you can chart your own course and create your own destiny.
  4. Be thankful we live in a democracy where we have the freedom to vote and choose who we want to be our President.
  5. Be thankful for your mentors - who can guide you and help you succeed. SCORE is an excellent mentorship service by our government.
  6. Be thankful for your family, who is supporting your business venture(s). If they're not supporting you be grateful that you have some friction to propel you to success.
  7. Be thankful for the time you're living in, with amazing digital tools to help you be more productive in your business. Uber, Breather, Insightly, Asana, WordPress, CoSchedule, Infusionsoft, Office365 and more area ll amazing tools.
  8. Be thankful for the relative ease of which we can START a business. Between PayPal, Shopify, QuickBooks or Xero - just about anyone can start a business and start selling online.
  9. Be thankful for how mobile technology enables us to connect to anyone or anything from anywhere.
  10. Be thankful for search engines so that with a few clicks you can find out anything you need.
  11. Be thankful for online shopping, you need office supplies (or just a new baseball bat) companies like Amazon are just a few clicks away and provide delivery with the hour in some cases.
  12. Be thankful for a stable banking system. Funds can go from place to place pretty seamlessly.

What are you thankful for?




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