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Ramon Ray Hosts Panel for Women in Entrepreneurship

Ramon Ray Hosts Panel for Women in Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in the current state of women’s entrepreneurship? As a woman entrepreneur, I know that I face many challenges and concerns that distinguish my experience from a typical male entrepreneur. I use the term “typical” advisedly because I know that not everyone’s experience is the same, and I generally loathe to make sweeping generalizations based on gender and other categories. Still, there are some things that remain true for women in entrepreneurship and the world of business that are worth paying attention to as we seek to achieve our goals of success.

According to a 2013 Pew Research study, women are more likely than men to reduce their work hours, take significant time off from work, refuse a promotion or even quit their jobs, in order to take care of a child. The figures are similar when it comes to taking care of elderly relatives. According to the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, an estimated 66% of caregivers are female.  Thus, the burden of caring for family members of any age falls disproportionately on women. For entrepreneurs, this means that many of us are working in ways that defy the norm.

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I know that as a single mom, I benefit from the flexibility that comes with being an entrepreneur. My ability to achieve the balance between my work and home life is one of the reasons that I have chosen to invest in what many may see as a more freelance lifestyle, instead of pursuing a traditional 9-5 career. But studies that compare the leadership styles of men and women also indicate that women may have qualities that make us uniquely suited to the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

For example, women tend to prefer flat organizational structures and the type of cooperation and collaboration that are typical of start-up enterprises. We also tend to have a transformational style of leadership that lends itself well to the iterative process that characterizes most new businesses, particularly those that are seeking to disrupt one industry or another.

Of course, for every rule, there is an exception, and the more we hear one another’s stories, the more we learn about the possibilities for women entrepreneurs to develop their own unique business vision.

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Wix & Microsoft Present: Women in Entrepreneurship Panel

Join Smart Hustle Magazine founder Ramon Ray this coming Thursday evening, February 23rd, as he moderates a panel of successful, business-owning women for a lively discussion presented by Wix and Microsoft at the Microsoft Store at 677 5th Avenue in NYC. This informative panel will include Kluxe Media CEO Kathleen Elie, Findspark CEO Emily Miethner, Communications Consultant Lisa Weiss, and MLN Ventures founder Margaret Ntim.

Here’s a little about the presenters:

Marketing strategist Kathleen Elie is a multi-lingual branding expert with international experience in the fashion, beauty, and design industries.



As founder of Findspark and sister agency, MCG Social, Emily Meithner has empowered thousands of people through the production of interactive career, diversity, and recruitment programs for major clients such as HBO and the New York Times.


Communications consultant Lisa Weiss channels her deep PR agency experience on behalf of her clients in the health and non-profit sectors.



Margaret “Maggie” Ntim has channeled her considerable sports and music industry talent and brand management experience into the creation of
her own venture capital/investment firm, MLN Ventures.


Join Ramon and his panel of expert businesswomen as they discuss:

  • Tips and tricks for launching your small business
  • Insider information on hurdles faced as a small business
  • How to stay true to yourself as your business grows

For more information, and to reserve a space, click HERE.

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