About Smart Hustle Media

Smart Hustle Media produces events and content to inspire and educate business owners in how to start and grow their businesses!

We serve business owners who are focused on building profitable businesses that can provide for their families, their team members and their community.

If you're looking to obtain venture funding and be a "unicorn", we're not suited for you. If you're looking to eek along, we're not for you.

But if you're looking to build a thriving business that gives you FREEDOM to GROW, we're for you!

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Our Team

Ramon Ray, founded and editor. He is an entrepreneur who started four companies and sold two. He's an author of four books, an event producer and an in-demand keynote speaker. His latest book is "Celebrity CEO - How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive By Building Community and a Strong Personal Brand". You can read more about Ramon at www.ramonray.com

Jamie Frayer, Project manager and executive assistant

Liz Caruso, Events and Community development

Josh, video editor

John, graphics editor

Charity, production assistant

Morgan, writer

Margie, writer


Have fun and do the right thing.

If we can't have fun (and enjoy) what we're doing we don't want to do it. This doesn't mean that some things we do are not fun, like book keeping or taxes or analytics, but OVERALL we want to work with fun people, who are doing fun things.

Doing the right thing is important, in fact it's more important than having fun. Everything we do for our clients and or community we want to ensure that we do the RIGHT THING for them and for ourselves.


To inspire and educate small business owners to start and grow successful businesses.

It's hard to start and grow a business. OUR mission is to help YOU succeed in business (and other areas of your life) through our events and content.


We are developing the specifics of this mission.