4 Tips for Creating a Positive Work Environment- An Interview with David Mammano

As a customer, it’s easy to recognize a positive work environment when you see it. The workers have positive attitudes. They are smiling. They will go out of their way and do whatever it takes to make customers happy. It looks like a great place to work, and it feels like a great place to do business.

As a business owner, a positive work environment is an ultimate goal – but how do you achieve it? I’m sharing some of my tips below, but I also have insights from an expert on the topic, David Mammano.

David Mammano is the owner of Next Step U, an online resource for college, career and life planning. He is also the author of the book Make Love in the Workplace, a guide to creating a positive culture in your business and making work feel more like play.

In a recent interview, David talked to me about the importance of having a positive work environment – namely, that your employees are the heart of your company, and if you can make them feel like champions, they will pass that down to customers. David practices what he preaches by using innovative ways to develop a positive culture in his own business, including:

  • Giving birthday gifts to all employees' kids.
  • Rolling out the red carpet for new employees on their first week at the new job.
  • Taking field trips where employees can have fun, socialize, and re-inspire creativity.

To get David’s insight on creating positive workplace culture, listen to the interview below, then read on to get more tips.

4 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

1. Hire the Right Employees

The first step to creating a positive work environment is to hire employees that are right for your company. You want to find positive, motivated workers who share your company’s vision.

2. Engage with Your Employees

Create a culture of openness in your workplace by being transparent and communicating with your employees. Keep them informed about company news so they can feel positive about the direction of the business. Managers and bosses should remain accessible, and you should encourage a team mentality.

3. Listen to Your Employees

Employers often give feedback to the employees but are they willing to accept feedback as well? Asking your employees questions about what they like or don’t like about the company and what things they would do differently can help you improve your business and also employee morale.

4. Reward Your Employees

In a positive work environment, employees receive recognition for a job well done. Excellent work is acknowledged and rewarded, which demonstrates to the employees that they are an important part of the business and motivates them to continue to deliver outstanding results.

As David mentions in our interview, employees recognize and respond to a positive work environment. For example, by giving new employees the red carpet treatment during their first week of work, they feel empowered and inspired to do amazing things for the company. David mentions that some employees even thank him after that first week, saying that they’ve finally found a home.

When you listen to the interview, you will realize that these actions don’t have to be large or expensive – a welcome breakfast, a mid-week lunch to listen to the new employee’s feedback on how things are going, etc. These and other small gestures let employees know they are valued and, in turn, they pass that same feeling down to customers.

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