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The Guarantee of No Certainty for Entrepreneurs

The Guarantee of No Certainty for Entrepreneurs

As an Entrepreneur, the one thing that is most certain to happen is to be faced with risks, to deal with uncertainty and have to overcome obstacles, challenges, and fear. If anything, there are no guarantees in being an entrepreneur. Rather it is a journey that wanders on to experience many of life’s pleasures.

One’s ability to deal with risk and uncertainty directly relates to one’s ability to grow personally and professionally, and ultimately build exponential success. Therefore as an entrepreneur, there is one thing you need to understand.

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The Only Guarantee is That There is No Certainty

There is no certainty on whether you will receive funding, rather it is directly proportional to your ability to create value for the stakeholders and your funders.

There is no certainty your co-founder or partners will work out for any length of time, rather it is a symbiotic relationship created by two humans often with very different skills and characteristics.

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There is no certainty that consumers and customers will find your product or service of value, rather it is a series of failures and pivots to create the ultimate success.

There is no certainty that at the end of the road you will have achieved everything you started out to achieve, rather you will have experienced an amazing journey, many valuable lessons and made lifelong friends.

There is no certainty that you will hire the right team members and they will last for any length of time, rather it is important to understand your culture and the state of your company and attract talent that is in line with your vision.

There is no certainty that competitors will not arise and take from your market share, rather it is a commitment to provide a product or service that continually improves and creates value to the consumer.

There is no certainty that current technologies will suffice in the future, rather an acceptance of change and adoption of new technology, trends, and directions for the industry.

Ultimately, the list goes on and on of the areas where there is a lack of certainty as an entrepreneur, and it is commonplace for successful entrepreneurs to create a figurative certainty in their thoughts and actions. This is the basis for the psychology of an entrepreneur. According to recent research from Eckerd College, some of the key personality areas for success include risk acceptance and being action-oriented. They also show that the skill areas for success include idea generating, execution and self-confidence. If you exhibit these personality traits and skill sets, uncertainty will be just another part of the journey to success.

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