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Staples #MakeMoreHappen Twitter Chat

Staples #MakeMoreHappen Twitter Chat: Avoiding & Reducing Tech Downtime

Staples #MakeMoreHappen Twitter Chat: Avoiding & Reducing Tech Downtime

No matter what your business is, technology likely plays an important role. The last NSBA Technology Survey (in 2013) found that:

  • 87 percent of small business owners use a desktop (up from 76 percent in 2010)
  • 84 percent use a laptop (up from 67 percent in 2010)
  • 74 percent use a smartphone (up from 57 percent in 2010).

Respondents say they use technology for a dizzying array of tasks, such as managing finances and payroll, purchasing supplies, conducting meetings, making online sales, maintaining a business website, networking, managing a customer database, and more. Clearly small business owners depend on technology on a daily basis and they need that technology to be up and running at all times.

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But what happens when the technology you rely on fails unexpectedly?

A tech failure can literally paralyze your business, preventing you from conducting your daily tasks. And technology downtime is expensive too. A 2014 study found that tech downtime costs businesses around the world a total of $1.7 trillion in the last 12 months.

Staples understands the importance of keeping your technology up and running, which is why they are now offering Staples Tech Services – tech support for small businesses, performed by experts and delivered FAST. How fast? Their Next Day Guarantee ensures that all PCs brought into Staples stores by noon will be serviced by 5pm the next day, or else your repairs are free.

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Staples #MakeMoreHappen Twitter Chat

To introduce this new service, Staples is holding a Twitter Chat on February 17th from 1-2pm EST. During the chat, Staples, Ramon Ray and Denise O’Berry will be holding a discussion about keeping tech working in your business.

Staples #MakeMoreHappen Twitter Chat

Small business owners can join in the chat by following the hosts (@Staples, @RamonRay, @DeniseOBerry) and then keeping up with the hashtag #MakeMoreHappen. During the chat you can chime in with your own answers to questions about what technology your business uses, how you use it, and how you respond to tech failures.

Twitter Chat Help

If you’re new to Twitter Chats, let’s take a second to explain. In a Twitter Chat, the hosts will ask questions, then you can respond and read what other participants have to say too. Everyone in the chat includes the hashtag #MakeMoreHappen anytime they tweet. The hashtag is a handy way to group tweets so you can follow the conversation.

However, it is Twitter and Twitter moves FAST! You can follow along just by conducting a search for #MakeMoreHappen on Twitter, but there are also tools that make it even simpler.

One simple-to-use tool is TweetChat. Just go to the link and type in the chat hashtag – #MakeMoreHappen. After that you will log in with your Twitter account. Finally, you will be brought to a special chat room that shows ALL tweets using that hashtag as they appear in real time. You can like, retweet or reply to people’s comments, or you can post a tweet yourself in the tweet box. It’s really simple to use, perfect for beginners and experts alike.

If you’d like more information on Twitter Chats and related tools, check out the Twitter Chat 101 article on Buffer’s blog.

Staples #MakeMoreHappen Twitter Chat

We hope you can join us for this fun and informative Twitter Chat! Once again, the important details are:

Date: Wednesday, February 17

Time: 1-2pm EST

Hosts: @Staples, @RamonRay, @DeniseOBerry

Hashtag: #MakeMoreHappen

Theme: Keeping tech working in your business.

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