Smart Hustle Small Business Conference: HARO Founder Peter Shankman Will Share Advice to Live By

Calling all entrepreneurs and small business owners! On October 20, 2016, all roads should lead to the 11th Annual Smart Hustle Small Business Conference in midtown Manhattan. We are excited to announce that Peter Shankman, the founder of HARO, will be one of our key speakers.

Business Tips from Entrepreneur Peter Shankman

Media outlets everywhere will forever be beholden to Peter Shankman, the founder of HARO. That’s because HARO happens to be the English-speaking world’s most popular sourcing service. On average, the platform fields 50,000 queries from respected journalists and reaches more than 475,000 sources annually.

In addition to being a business pioneer, Peter is also an angel investor, a keynote speaker, a bestselling author, an ironman, a skydiver, and dad.

Peter is generous with the wisdom he has acquired over the years. He often shares bits of advice for entrepreneurs on his Medium platform. Here are a few business tips we found in his recent articles.

1. Learn To Love Your Work and Make Life Easier on Yourself

Peter has been on the receiving end of haters’ wrath because he usually doesn’t seem as if he is working most of the time. And yet, he probably works five times as much as the average person. He believes that the reason he seems to glide through life is that he enjoys what he does.  This is why:

  • He operates in an unstructured business environment. He is able to do this by being in the business for himself.
  • He takes advantage of technological advances that exist today and telecommutes when he needs to.
  • He always incorporates fun times within his work times.

2. It Pays To Hire “Damaged” People To Work For You

As a “damaged” child, Peter experienced bullying and discrimination that comes with having to deal with dyslexia and motor-visual impairment. Yet he ended up thriving and outshining most of the other students.

As an adult, Peter has come to believe that hiring “damaged” people may be the best thing for your business. That’s because people labeled as such tend to develop superior coping mechanisms and life skills that make them an asset to their employers. One of Peter’s tips is to pay attention to the differently-abled people you come across in your entrepreneurial ventures.

Do you want more bits of wisdom from Peter Shankman? Register for the Smart Hustle Small Business Conference and you can hear him speak in person.

Smart Hustle Small Business Conference: The Scoop

The conference is produced by the 4X entrepreneur, author, speaker, and editor of Smart Hustle Magazine, Ramon Ray. Other guests include entrepreneur Brian Moran, author Gene Marks, and consultant Sylvie Di Giusto, among others.

It will take place in NYC from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on October 20, 2016.

The Smart Hustle Small Business Conference is the ultimate place to be if you want to network with other entrepreneurs, learn, have fun, and win amazing prices. Leading brands such as Intuit will also be present and ready to interact with small business owners.

Until 20, August 2016, you can take advantage of the early bird pricing to save money. Learn more and get your tickets today.

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