Small Business Experts Testify In Front of Small Business House Committee

On May 11, 2016, just days after the conclusion of National Small Business Week, members of Congress who sit on the Small Business House Committee, invited well-known small business experts to share their experiences in growing and expanding a business and the struggles they see most affecting today’s small business entrepreneurs. Included in the invited panel were Smart Hustle Magazines very own Ramon Ray, JJ Ramberg – host of MSNBC’s Your Business, Small Business Expert Susan Solovic and Melinda Emerson – founder and CEO of Quintessence Group.

“Each of our witnesses has taken the lessons learned from building their own businesses, and provide guidance to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. The difference between a good idea and a good business is execution, and who do America’s small businesses turn to for help developing and executing a business plan? They turn to JJ Ramberg, to Ramon Ray, to Susan Solovic, and to Melinda Emerson. And so today, so do we,” said Chairman Chabot in kicking off the hearing.

Each of the small business experts was given five minutes to speak to the committee and share their experiences and the struggles they see small business owners facing in today's business landscape.

You can watch the two opening statements of of the Committee Chairperson and ranking member and Ramon's answers to the Committee Chairman below:


You can watch video of the full hearing below:

At the conclusion of the testimony from the experts, the committee members were given time to ask questions regarding various aspects of small business and where they see a larger need for support, including financing, education, and regulation.

Here is a summary of some of the questions Ramon was asked, you can listen above for the answers.

  1. What more can be done to connect small businesses with (Ms. Velazquez – ranking member) end users
  2. Expand upon your comments related to reduction and simplification of taxes (Luetkemeyer)
  3. How can we encourage women to start small businesses? (Ms. Hahn)
  4. Thoughts on Fed/State/Local govn’ts approach justice/safety/public health while facilitating good ideas and market demand? (Mr. Gibson (NY) )
  5. Expand on comments regarding connections/relationships/networking (Mr Killy)
  6. How do you overcome the challenges of competition? (Ms. Lawrence )
  7. Please expand on comments about simplifying taxes. (Hardy (Nevada- subcommittee chairman investigations, oversight/regulations)
  8. What can we do to inspire next gen of entrepreneurs? (Sub-committee chairman on health and technology)


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