Ruby Virtual Support: Making Connections That Grow Businesses

With social media and dynamic, interactive websites making connecting to people easier than ever, we pick up the phone less and less. However, a phone is still impactful. When you talk to people there is less miscommunication and misinformation, because hearing someone’s voice and tone say almost as much as their words. 

The same goes for customer issues — while you can absolutely solve issues via chat, email, and form submissions, sometimes a good old fashioned phone call is needed. But, do your employees know how to talk to customers on the phone? If your team’s primary focus is online customer service, don’t discount the customer phone call. It’s still very impactful and can lead to issues being solved faster, and better.

Live Virtual Receptionists & 24/7 Live Chat

Ruby is here to support businesses that need help answering the phone and being on line to answer chats in real time. Their virtual receptionists answer calls so you can focus on your business. Whether you have a team of several employees or you’re running the business solo, this frees up everyone’s time to focus on their work rather than having to try and juggle multiple tasks.  Ruby’s chat specialists are also online 24/7, able and ready to connect whenever your customers need to talk.

In a nutshell, you can count on Ruby for:

  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Keeping your business connected to those who need it

Build Trust & Engagement 

Whether you have an eCommerce site or you provide services & products to customers, consumers find it easier to trust brands they can talk to. While email is convenient, many customers want to be able to speak with someone immediately and know that their issue is getting resolved in real time. This type of immediate service can never compare to a contact form or email. 

Define Lead Quality

Being able to have a conversation over the phone offers better insight into a prospect outside of their name, email, and company. Phone calls can tell you what products or services a potential customer is interested in, what their budget is (if applicable), what they expect from your business, and the types of results they’re expecting. All this information can lead to more sales, if used properly. 

Ruby Helps

Ruby is passionate about helping small businesses grow. They provide personalized, innovative services that help turn callers and online visitors into clients by delivering exceptional experiences.

Ruby’s business model is built around a culture of caring — for employees and customers —and creating meaningful connections and impactful experiences that win trust and build loyalty. Ten thousand small businesses in different markets across the country, from attorneys, roofers, marketing firms to non-profits and everything in between trust Ruby to be the frontline of their business. 


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